You Are Risking Your Life When You Drive Drunk

Drunk driving accident lawyers in Austin take on DUI cases time and time again and see the misery individuals have to go through all because of a drunk driver. 

Our lives are priceless. They can’t be replaced and they can’t be repaired when life-long suffering is the picture. Unfortunately, when a driver gets behind the wheel of their vehicle intoxicated, they don’t seem to take this little fact into consideration as the risk of getting into an accident doubles. So why do people continue to take part in such behavior? Maybe they are unaware of the penalties a drunk driver faces in Texas if caught? Perhaps they aren’t considering the danger they put themselves in when getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol?

There are number of different excuses as to why a person chooses to drive drunk but none of them justify the act. Drunk drivers and distracted motorists are topping the lists as the number one cause of car accidents today and more efforts need to be made to get these numbers reduced. Drive Safely pointed out that in 2011 alone, there were 2,571 DUI crashes which resulted in 3,015 fatalities. And this number doesn’t account for the number of drunk drivers that were out on the roadways who simply weren’t caught. They too could have contributed to this statistic and yet another person could have been killed.

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Using the mistakes others make can help you visualize what consequences you may face if you drive drunk.

Learn from Others’ Mistakes

Rather than taking part in the illegal act of driving while under the influence, take a moment to learn from someone else’s mistake. On January 17th, CBS Austin highlighted a story that will have you questioning how the driver and occupants managed to survive the crash. The news source displays photos of the accident scene that were also shared on Facebook. In the photos you see a beaten up red Ferrari tangled up in a mess of brush. The Ferrari was reportedly worth $385K, however, the driver is going to have a field day with their insurance company trying to get reimbursed for the totaled vehicle he was responsible for wrecking.

The driver of the Ferrari was out at around 2:30 a.m. and traveling at speeds of more than 100 mph. There were two other individuals present in the car before it crashed. According to the Austin Fire Department, the car was passing over the bridge on Red Bud Trail going towards Westlake Drive. The motorist failed to make the first turn and continued straight into the woods. The vehicle went airborne for 40 feet, flipped, and landed down in a 40-foot ravine. The occupants were have said to only suffer from minor injuries although the driver was arrested for DUI.

Were You Involved in a Drunk Driving Accident in Austin?

Engaging in a crash where alcohol was present is a scary thing. Most of these crashes end badly and only a few are lucky to walk away with minor injuries. But, most of these accidents result long-term pain and suffering and that is worth being compensated for. The Austin, TX drunk driving accident attorneys at the Luke Dow Law Firm will see to it your damages are compensated for and justice is served for the agony and grief you have had to endure. You can speak with a skilled attorney today by calling 512-480-9502.

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