Woman Faces Charges for Suspected Hit and Run while Drunk on High

37 year old Holly Hatcher faces an incredible 11-count charge sheet for causing a supposed drunk driving accident and then fleeing the scene of the crash. A Chatham County grand jury unanimously voted to press charges against Hatcher, according to savannahnow.com.

Holly Hatcher has proven she cannot be trusted living free

The victim of the accident was a jogger emanating from Tybee Island, just 18 miles from Savannah. Charges against Hatcher include one count of reckless driving, three counts driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, failure to maintain a traffic lane, and following too closely. Savannah, GA drunk driving accident lawyers are calculating the costs right now and the time in prison all these charges mean.

The victim in the accident has been identified as Susan St. Pierre who claims that the accident has caused her severe and irreversible damage and has rendered her hip and leg permanently out of order. According to investigators, Hatcher lost control of her truck and veered off her lane and struck St. Pierre who was out for a jog. However, the jurors have determined that there was no intent or malice in what had transpired and are therefore not filing even more serious charges against Hatcher.

Hatcher’s toxicology report showed that she was under the influence of drugs like hydrocodone, alprazolam, and promethazine at the time of the crash. Making things worse for Hatcher is the fact that she knowingly drove away from the accident after hitting St. Pierre instead of stopping and providing assistance to the injured person as required to by law.

Hatcher was then involved in another crash later the same day which is when officers were able to apprehend her and determine that she had also caused the first accident where the jogger had gotten injured. The jogger’s family should spend time on this site trying to determine their next course of action.

Football Coach arrested for alleged driving under the influence in South Georgia

Steven Figueroa has certainly not set a good example to the school football players he coaches by getting arrested for driving under the influence. The accident occurred Saturday evening last week, as reported wtoc.com.

Supposedly, arresting officers found Figueroa asleep behind the wheel of his car in the proximity of 17th Avenue and South Main Street. One of the officers then prodded Figueroa awake. Figueroa awoke and then sped away after noticing the police. He faces charges of driving under the influence and also of driving on the incorrect side of the roadway.

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His players have probably lost some faith in their coach while their coach needs to hire a Savannah, GA drunk driving accident attorney. He better hope his legal defense is as good as his actual football defense. He also better hope his lawyer knows how to effectively call legal plays in the court room.

Figueroa is employed at Colquitt County School. The superintendent of the school could not be reached for comment. It seems likely that they will place Figueroa under administrative leave until his trial concludes.

DUI laws in Georgia

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