Will I Face Challenges Recovering Compensation for My Drunk Driving Accident?

photodune 3531681 rollover xs 300x199 Will I Face Challenges Recovering Compensation for My Drunk Driving Accident?
In New York, the costs of traffic accidents average $1.59 billion annually, according to the Centers for Disease Control, so it’s not hard to see that individuals face high medical and other accident-related expenses.

New York, NY- Drunk drivers cause approximately one-third of traffic deaths is the U.S. and injure thousands of people annually. A drunk driving accident can take an immense emotional and financial toll on a victim or surviving family members, but they still face challenges when trying to recover compensation. Even though you are a victim, you will face hurdles put in your path by insurance companies and other opposing parties.

If you were injured or a family member is killed by a drunken driver in New York and want to file a personal injury or wrongful death claim, contact an attorney. The attorneys at Spodek Law Group has over three decades of trial experience and a track record of positive outcomes for their clients.

Most drunk driving accident claims are settled through negotiations with the at -fault driver’s insurance company. Negotiations can be a challenge, especially for a person who has never negotiated with an insurer. Many insurance companies will work with an accident victim, but their top priority is to limit their liability, and that means keeping the settlement amount you are awarded is low. You can avoid being low-balled by having a lawyer negotiate on your behalf.

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Protect yourself by speaking with a personal injury lawyer in New York.

Another way to limit their financial liability is to diminish the seriousness of a victim’s injuries or claim they are the result of a pre-existing condition. By doing that, they can offer you less than you need to cover the costs of your accident fully. You can avoid this pitfall by getting immediate medical attention, so there is documentation of your injuries, and keeping a thorough record of all of your procedures, treatments, medications, rehabilitation and other costs you face. This valuable information can be used as leverage by you legal representation to secure an optimal settlement.

You may also face difficulties getting the compensation you deserve if

photodune 631131 drunk driving concept xs 199x300 Will I Face Challenges Recovering Compensation for My Drunk Driving Accident?
Auto insurers have a several tactics they employ to reduce their liability even if a driver was impaired at the time of a crash.

the drunk driver who hit you is uninsured. In many cases, those responsible for drunk driving accidents are repeat-DUI offenders which mean they probably don’t have a license and are unlikely to have auto insurance. If the drunk driver who hit you is uninsured, you will have to settle with your insurer or file a personal injury claim in civil court. Even your insurer will play hardball over the final settlement amount, so USAttorneys recommends you have an expert negotiator on your side.

USAttorneys recommends you contact the Spodek Law Group in New York if you were hurt by and impaired driver or they killed a family member. They have offices in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens to meet your needs. You can reach them by visiting their website or calling one of their local offices.


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