Will Drunk Driving Accidents Diminish with Self-Driving Cars?

Drunk driving crashes in Columbus, Ohio

It’s 2017 and self-driving cars will become more prevalent on the roadways soon enough. With some already spotted across the country, these innovative vehicles are going to become much more common once all the quirks are worked out. Google announced they would be letting some of their self-driving vehicles hit the road this year and many are eager to see just how much safer they are going to make our roads. According to Crain’s Chicago Business, “GM is immediately setting out on that path by becoming the first high-volume auto manufacturer to build fully autonomous vehicles in a mass production assembly plant in Orion Township, Mich., in early 2017.”

It appears that many of these manufacturing companies are placing all their trust in these vehicles, expecting that they will be reliable.

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As manufacturers push for level 5 autonomous cars, currently many states only allow a vehicle with a level 3 on the streets.

Self-driving cars will cut down on the number of drunk driving accidents

If a car is responsible for getting a person from point A to point B, then the responsibility of doing it safely relies heavily on the vehicle itself. With the various self-driving cars that have been announced to the public, many aren’t even providing the driver with access to take over in the event they want to. So, does that mean someone who has consumed alcohol can get into one of these vehicles and be toured around the city without putting other people’s lives at risk? Maybe.

But, until then, anyone who has been significantly injured in an accident involving alcohol should consider hiring a Mount Laurel, NJ drunk driving accident lawyer to fight for the justice and compensation you deserve.

Autonomous vehicle facts 

According to Forbes, there are 6 levels of autonomous driving.

  • Level zero is where you would see “zero driver assistance from the car”. This means the driver is in control of the vehicle and responsible for operating it.
  • Level one “indicates one or more driver assistance systems, like stability and/or cruise control.” Now the driver is getting a little bit of help from the car in one or more areas but not consecutively.
  • Level two would be a car that operates on its own “but the driver is still expected to be alert and ready to instantly seize control.”
  • Level three allows the driver to take short “breaks” from driving if necessary as the car is becoming more responsible for being in control. However, level three is a transition level where human interaction with the act of driving can become more relaxed.
  • Level four is like level three but now the vehicle is becoming “smarter” as it has the capability to “find its own way out of danger.”
  • Level five would be an autonomous vehicle that can “perform all driving functions with no human input needed at any time.” Basically, these cars do not need a human inside of it.

Although drunk driving accident attorneys in Mount Laurel observe the initiatives coming to light that will reduce the number of deaths caused by drunk drivers, people too need to take a step toward making the roads safer as well.

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