Will a drunk driver who causes an accident in Mesa go to jail?

Mesa, AZ – Arizona and other states have recognized the serious harm that drunk drivers cause by enacting criminal laws with severe penalties. All people face possible time in jail if they were arrested for any crime related to having drugs or alcohol in their body while using a motor vehicle. For those who have been harmed in an accident involving an intoxicated driver, it is equally important to try to get help through the civil court system. This is because civil cases can force the driver to pay for all of the damage that they caused during a collision. 

Attorneys near me are available to represent anyone who has been injured in a motor vehicle accident. 

Penalties for drunk driving in Mesa

The simple answer is that someone who is actually convicted of crimes related to drunk driving under Arizona law will have to spend some time in jail. Convictions include fines, a loss of the person’s driver’s license for several months, installing an ignition interlock device on the vehicle, and mandatory time in jail. It is also standard procedure for offenders to be transported to jail and have to stay while they await a hearing in front of a judge.  

Things like causing an accident that results in injuries or death are aggravating factors that increase these penalties. Things like having multiple convictions or a high blood alcohol concentration are other factors that can increase a sentence as well. Mesa DUI accident lawyers can assist anyone who was hurt in a drunk driving accident in various ways. 

Suing a drunk driver who caused harm

Those who were hurt by a drunk driver have the ability to sue the person for compensation. This is true even if the person is never convicted in criminal court or if they have spent any time in jail. Accident victims are likely to have medical bills and healthcare costs, property damage, missed time away from their jobs, and other serious financial issues. Civil lawsuits assist victims by making the defendant pay for all of these costs if the case is successful. As a practical matter, most accident lawsuits will end with either the defendant’s lawyers or insurance company accepting a certain amount of responsibility for these costs and paying out a settlement. Mesa accident lawyers have experience with helping clients get the most compensation possible based on the specific facts related to their accident. 

Local attorneys in Mesa are available

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