Why are Drunk Driving Accidents So Common Throughout the State of Texas?

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Is it because the laws are too lenient on drivers or is it that residents continue to make the wrong choice and get behind the wheel drunk? If you live in Texas or are interested in knowing why so many DUI accident transpire here, read on as we are sharing some facts that address this question and others you might have if you were recently involved in a DUI wreck yourself.


Drunk driving has become an epidemic, one that is claiming thousands and thousands of lives each and every year. While drunk drivers are everywhere, it seems as though more drunk driving accidents are occurring in Texas. According to the Houston Chronicle, between 2001 and 2016, there were 3,033 fatal drunk driving crashes that occurred, which marked Houston as the city with the highest number of DUI crashes in the U.S. What’s worse is that sitting just below Houston, in the number two spot on the list, is Dallas with 2,425 reported fatal drunk driving crashes for that same timeframe. Sadly, those numbers do not reflect the total number of alcohol-related crashes that have occurred that resulted in either property damage, injuries, or both.

So, why are so many DUI wrecks happening in Texas, predominately in Houston and Dallas? Well, there are a few reasons that may all contribute to this and we are sharing what these are below.

drunk driving accident lawyers in Dallas, TX
Although drunk driving is viewed as a serious crime, perhaps harsher penalties would reduce the chances of an individual getting behind the wheel drunk after being convicted for DUI several times.
  1. Perhaps Texas drivers are being given one too many chances after being arrested for DUI. The Houston Chronicle cited one incident involving Wayne Childers and Owen McNett. Apparently, McNett crashed into Childers’ vehicle with a blood count of almost four times the legal limit. Aside from the fact that McNett had a BAC level that was more than what most DUI offenders are caught with, this was McNett’s sixth time being arrested for drunk driving. The source highlights that although McNett had served two lengthy prison sentences for his past DUI convictions, he held a valid Texas driver’s license at the time of this crash.


  1. Another reason why these accidents are becoming so common is that there aren’t enough law enforcement officers out on the roadways patrolling. According to the Houston Chronicle, “law enforcement leaders deploy inadequate numbers of officers to drunk-driving enforcement.” On top of that, “prosecution remains uneven, hampered by complicated and costly probation programs so arduous that many drunken drivers choose jail time instead of treatment.” Without enough officers out to identify and catch drunk drivers along with offenders who rather spend time behind bars than seek help to prevent them from drinking and driving, it is clear this could contribute to the issue.


  1. A final factor we are going to share that might be contributing to Texas being the worst state for drunk driving accidents is that drivers aren’t too concerned with driving while intoxicated. The source highlighted that one driver, who was identified as Roberto Antonio Alas, 47, who was a father of four, died on a single-vehicle accident around 3:00 a.m. after he got behind the wheel with a BAC level of that was more than three times the legal limit.


According to Houston police chief Art Acevedo, Texas is almost “the worst state in the nation for drunk driving fatalities and crashes.” And without laws that prohibit a driver from ever getting behind the wheel again after being convicted several times for DUI, a lack of officers to patrol the roads, and drivers who don’t take drinking and driving seriously, the issue remains a large one that will continue to affect lives.


Now, although drunk driving collisions remain an issue for Texans, especially in Houston and Dallas, there are ways to combat it. If you or someone you know was involved in a crash that involved alcohol in Dallas, TX, you can file a lawsuit against the careless driver who chose to get behind the wheel drunk. Dallas, TX drunk driving accident lawyer Robert Gregg can explain how you would go about filing the lawsuit and what amount would be fair for you to demand. Although compensation won’t mend your injuries or reverse your losses, it can help deter the driver and others who commit the crime away from doing it again.


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