Boca Raton, FL – The problem of drunk driving in the United States is a serious one, and certain kinds of accidents have telltale signs of an intoxicated driver. When a person has been harmed in one of these kinds of accidents, they still have the right to sue the driver responsible for their injuries. This is true even if the driver is also charged criminally, or if the charges are eventually dropped or dismissed. The civil and criminal cases will proceed through separate court systems, and they may have different outcomes. 

Driving the wrong way

Drivers who are sober usually realize when they are about to enter a one way street. However, a driver who is impaired is much less aware of their surroundings, and they tend to pay less attention to details such as road signage. These types of accidents are also a serious problem because a driver who is going the wrong way is likely to go head on into vehicles going in the correct direction on the same road. 

Rear end impact

If an intoxicated driver needs to stop suddenly, they may not react in time and collide with the backside of the vehicle in front of them. This is a common result of drunk driving, as alcohol and various drugs are known to be depressants that slow down a person’s reaction time. Having to apply the brakes quickly to stop is one of the most common sudden movements that a driver must make to avoid accidents. 

Hitting pedestrians

Sometimes, it is difficult for drivers to notice pedestrians crossing the road. This is especially true at night when most intoxicated driving occurs. Poor lighting and other problems on dark roads may cause a drunk driver to not notice the victim until it is too late. Unfortunately, pedestrians have nothing to protect them from the impact with a car, so these kinds of collisions are most likely to result in serious injuries or fatalities. 

Lawsuits against drunk drivers

Anyone who has been affected by a drunk driver can utilize various forms of evidence to prove negligence and make the person pay for medical treatment and other costs. The driver must be found negligent in addition to driving drunk, so the injury attorney must still prove a breach of the duty of care on the roads in the civil case. 

Advice from an accident law firm in Florida

Rosenberg Injury Law can help people who were hurt by drunk drivers or in other types of accidents in Boca Raton. An attorney from the firm can file a personal injury case against the individual responsible and make them pay for the victim’s losses.  

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