What Decisions Lead to Drunk Driving?

Drinking and driving are two separate acts that come together at one time. Most people who are arrested for DUI or engage in an accident usually don’t set out with the goal of driving while intoxicated, rather, they wind up getting themselves into this situation for various reasons. So why do people drive drunk? How can this be prevented?

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Most drunk driving accidents occur because a driver failed to make proper plans to avoid engaging in the illegal act.

What Causes Motorists to Drive Drunk?

  1. Social Influences

The place you go and the people you are around can influence how much you drink. Whether you are going to a friend’s birthday celebration or out to a bar with friends, if alcohol is going to be present, you are going to want to either have an alternate plan in place for getting home should you drink too much or not drink beyond your limits. Unfortunately, people go out knowing they are going to be around some pretty influential people who are going to encourage drinking, but aren’t considering what they are going to do in the event they are too drunk to drive home.

This is one reason why many people drive drunk. They go out without a plan and consume far too much alcohol. If they came alone, they may have no other choice but to drive and feel obligated to do so. This is also the reason why ridesharing has become so popular today.

  1. Personal Influences

Everyone is entitled to a night out or some time to kick back and relax. Many people often use the excuse, “It’s been a busy week at the office,” or “I’m overwhelmed and stressed and need some time to release and relax this weekend.” Sometimes when a person puts themselves in a situation because they needed some time for themselves, they don’t even realize they have had too much to drink. They then get behind of the wheel of their vehicle not even realizing how impaired they are until that first bright light shines in their face.

While most individuals can agree that driving while under the influence is one of the most dangerous situations a person can be placed in, because of the social and personal influences around us, some feel obligated to drive while being under the influence.

What Can You do to Prevent Driving Drunk?

  • Use a rideshare company. While this may not be something you want to do, it can surely save your life and many others just by allowing a non-impaired driver get you home safely.
  • Have a designated driver come out with you. If you know you want to drink but also know you won’t be able to drive unless you do so drunk, find a friend who will accompany you to wherever you are going who isn’t going to drink.

Because driving drunk is far too risky and discouraged by drunk driving accident lawyers in CA, you can a stand now and vow to never allow anything influence your judgement causing you to drive after drinking.

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