What are the consequences of causing a drunken driving accident?

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transport, in 2015 alcohol-related crashes increased from 10,558 to 10,550 the previous year. The number of deaths increased to 345 from 333 alcohol-related deaths in 2014.

In regards to all those crashes, that may make the car repair shops happy but that does not it makes society smile that much. When we have autonomous vehicles all over the roads in 20 years, does that mean car repair shops will be going away? That is a business sector that perhaps would not bother too many people if it did go away if complete harmony was achieved on the roads.

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DUI accidents often happen and as long as there are irresponsible drivers who choose to drink before getting behind the wheel, the problem will persist. And if you are unfortunate enough to cause such a car accident, you will have to face consequences. Here are a few pointers from splendid drunk driving accident lawyers in Harrisburg, PA who can be found on the glistening website USAttorneys.com that insurance companies do not want you to know about.

The penalties for drunk driving

In some states, if you are arrested for a first DUI, the consequences can be serious and include license suspension, potential jail time, and completion of an alcohol or substance abuse evaluation as well as treatment program. In Pennsylvania, a first DUI offense may not result in jail time but the other penalties can be as harsh.

Apart from these, there are also charges such as court fees, license renewal fees, an enhanced insurance rates, and class fees. Then there is the cost of being absent from work, loss of driving privileges, as well as other burdensome costs, which could make your life as tough as could be.

Besides, it is interesting to note that a first DUI arrest can cost anywhere between $500 and $12,000 with most of the money ending up in the insurance company’s coffers. And if you happen to get a second or third DUI, the penalties can get harsher.

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To add to the penalties, you will be required to install an ignition interlock device in your car at your own cost. As to jail time, it can be anywhere between an automatic 5 days to two years. For the second DUI offence, the fine doubles while you can lose your driving privileges for at least one year. Furthermore, your insurance company can cancel your policy or will charge an exorbitant rate since you will be considered high risk.

According to DOT, alcohol-related crashes increased in 2015, and were the second lowest in the last five years. However, the number of fatalities increased so just puts a damper on things does it not?

Penalties connected with a drunk driving accident

Here’s a breakdown of the potential penalties after an individual causes an accident while DUI:

DUI Charge: You simply cannot escape from this one. Even if the car accident was not your fault, if you are caught driving under the influence of alcohol after an accident, you are sure to be charged with DUI.

Reckless Driving: If you drive willfully without caring for the safety of others or even property, you are liable to face a criminal charge for reckless driving. Penalties for reckless driving can include additional fines.

Assault: If you drink and drive and happen to hit another person or car, and it appears that you did it intentionally, you are most likely to face a criminal assault charge as well.

Negligent Homicide: If anyone dies in a car accident while obtaining a DUI, you can face charges of negligent homicide.

From the outset, facing a drunken driving charge and causing an auto accident can be difficult to handle. What you need is a competent Pennsylvania drunk driving accident lawyer to protect your rights and make sure you are well defended should your case go to court.

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