Washington Police Say Man Was Drunk and Having Sex Before Crashing into Tree

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Sixty-five percent of fatal drunk driving accidents that involved a child fatality, the victim was riding with a parent, according to Reuters.

King County, WA- Drunken drivers are notorious for making bad decisions that could harm themselves and others. Those risky behaviors usually entail things like traveling in the wrong direction, speeding, or failing to buckle up, but one Washington man took dangerous to a new level. The unidentified man has been accused of not only being drunk but also having sex with a passenger while an infant was seated in the back.

Washington State Patrol Says Drunken Man and Passenger Had Sex Before Crashing into Tree

Washington State Police say that man was not only drunk but was also having sex with his passenger when he slammed into a tree off Mountain Highway in La Grande. The News Tribune reports that on November 27, 2017, the man was traveling on Route 7 when he missed a curve before running off the road.

Witnesses told police the man and the woman were both naked when they emerged from the car, Q 13 Fox reports.

The driver was not injured. The woman suffered several broken bones and was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Police also report that a three-month-old child who belongs to the female passenger was in the backseat. The child was not injured.

A representative for the Washington State Police told reporters that the man has three prior DUI charges.

He was arrested and charged with felony DUI, vehicular assault, and child endangerment, the News Tribune reports.

Drunk Driving Accidents Involving Children

Having sex while driving is a salacious detail about this incident, it shouldn’t overshadow the fact that there was a 3-month-old child in the car. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for parents or guardians to endanger their child or children by driving drunk with them in the car.

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In a 2014 study, reported by Reuters, researchers analyzed fatal crash data from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System and found that between 2001 and 2010, 2,344 children under the age of 15 died in drunk driving crashes. In 65 percent of those accidents, the child was riding with the drunk driver.

What’s more, in 61 percent of those fatal drunk driving accidents, the children were not properly restrained. Researchers also found that in 70 percent of those crashes, the adult survived the impact which means

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