Understanding Georgia DUI Laws and the Consequences of Drunk Driving Accidents

Despite the reforms in drunken driving laws, drunken driving persists to be a huge problem in Georgia and other states throughout the nation. It is still statistically the number one threat to public safety in America. A staggering one third of all auto accident deaths are either directly or indirectly a consequence of drunken driving.

The system is far from perfect

However, a lot of times, innocent motorists are charged with a DUI due to improperly trained law enforcement officers or sometimes faulty sobriety testing equipment and it is absolutely necessary for such victims to defend themselves against their DUI charge especially considering some of the life altering, devastating consequences that come along with a drunken driving conviction. This is where a Savannah, Georgia drunk driving accident lawyer comes into the picture if you are in a similar situation.

In the state of Georgia, strictly speaking, any driver (adult, non-commercial) driving or operating a motor vehicle be it a car or a motorcycle or a truck is said to be driving under the influence if his or her blood alcohol content is equal to or greater than 0.08% BAC.

Sadly, new studies about sobriety testing techniques have proven beyond doubt that blood alcohol results are not accurate, which entails that sometimes innocent persons are charged with DUI and other times people that are completely intoxicated somehow manage to pass sobriety tests.

Most the studies have revolved around the science behind breathalyzer machines, which are most frequently used by law enforcement to collect evidence. The reports resulting from these studies throws light on the issues with the breathalyzer, for instance, the machine actually gives us a reading of the breath alcohol content rather than the actual blood alcohol content.

There have even been cases where a driver who was stone cold sober tested positive for DUI simply because he or she used some sort of alcoholic based mouth wash. If you need legal advice alone these lines, there is no better place than this site right here.

The consequences of drunken driving in Georgia

To be able to defend yourself against such frivolous, faulty DUI charges in Savannah or any city, a good drunk driving accident attorney is a mandatory prerequisite. Trained Savannah, Georgia drunk driving accident attorneys know exactly what it takes to cross question arresting officers and expose the faults made during the arrest or during the collection of evidence against the defendant.

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Similarly, if you happen to be the victim of a drunk driving accident, a good lawyer will be able to represent you in a court of law and present your case in a manner which will result in full, unrestricted financial compensation for the damages that you have incurred as a result of someone else’s bad judgment to get behind the wheel after having consumed alcoholic beverages.

In Georgia, even a first time DUI offense is a serious matter, consequences include year or sometimes decade long prison sentences, hefty fines, mandatory installation of ignition interlock devices on all of the convicts vehicles, installation of an ankle bracelet, mandatory completion of alcoholdrug counselling programs, and suspension of the convicts driver’s license.

Hidden consequences

These are the consequences on paper, but a DUI conviction has even more negative effects on a person’s life, their professional and social lives take a huge set back too so make sure to get in touch with a resolute and awesome Savannah, Georgia drunk driving accident lawyer if you happen to be charged with a drunk driving penalty or even if you are a victim of someone else’s negligence.

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