Underage Drinking: Is Peer Pressure to Blame?

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Did you know that “teens represent the largest contingent of New Jersey drivers involved in crashes?” That fact was provided by nj.gov along with many others involving teens and their risk when getting behind the wheel. There are many things that run through a teens mind, especially those in high school who are bordering between a child and a young adult. A teens life is confusing. They are searching for their identity, looking for acceptance, trying to understand right from wrong, and face peer pressure on a daily basis. On top of that, they are learning how to drive all the while trying to impress their friends to show off their skills and the new car their parents may have just purchased for them.

One of the biggest challenges teens face is peer pressure. While handling all the responsibilities life is now throwing at them, they have to learn how to say no. And what teen do you know who is able to say no without hesitation? Not too many.

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Underage drinking is a serious issue for many teens as they feel forced to say yes.

NJ teens are peer pressured to engage in underage drinking far too frequently

Saying no isn’t what most teens want to do. They want to explore, try new things, and decide for themselves what they consider good and bad. But, nj.com has revealed a shocking truth regarding underage drinking and perhaps a larger issue for people traveling on the state’s roadways. As you know, teens already contribute to many of the roadway accidents that occur. But now, parents may want to stand guard because many are taking part in underage drinking to add to the chaos. One teen who has consumed far too much alcohol plus a vehicle they aren’t fully trained to operate equals a disaster.

Surprisingly, though, a few students from Woodstown High School shared some valuable information with the news source which can hopefully help others realize that underage drinking is a serious issue. Mickey Demarest, 17, highlighted that “underage drinking is glamorized among young adults.” TV and movies display this behavior far too often for teens which affects their decision making process and forces them to think it is okay to drink.

The teens came forward with their concerns after losing a classmate back in 2014 who was a passenger in a vehicle with a driver who was intoxicated.

How can you help reduce the number of drunk driving accidents involving teens?

Perhaps one of the most painful cases a drunk driving crash lawyer in Troy Hills, New Jersey has to handle is one involving the parents of a teen who has been killed in an accident. Many drunk driving accidents involving alcohol are often fatal and it is devastating for any parent to have to watch their child suffer from injuries incurred in these types of collisions. This is why you want to educate your teens and remind them of the dangers the roadway, and alcohol, bring when you mix the two together.

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