Two Arrested in Drunk Driving Accident in Bowling Green

Bowling Green, KY – Two men have been arrested for a recent drunk driving accident in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

LEX18 reports that local police arrived at the scene of the drunk driving accident after being alerted about a vehicle that had run through a fence at about 2:35 p.m. on Alvaton Greenhill Road. Officers say the vehicle suffered front end damage and had barbed wire wrapped around it.

The car’s occupants had fled on food into the woods; the driver, Jason Miller, age 40, of Bowling Green, and the passenger, Cecil Jones, age 47, of Bowling Green, were later discovered by authorities and taken into custody.

Witnesses to the drunk driving accident told officers that a nine-year-old was almost hit by Miller. An empty whisky bottle and a 16 oz. can of beer were both found lying next to the vehicle. Jones admitted that he and Miller had purchased both items earlier and had been drinking them at the time of the crash.

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If you live in Bowling Green and are responsible for causing a car crash while driving under the influence, find a drunk driving accident attorney in your area today.

Drunk driving accident lawyers in Bowling Green will have their hands full with the list of charges Miller was arrested for: DUI 1st aggravated, first-degree wanton endangerment, leaving the scene of an accident, operating on an expired license, possession open alcohol container, resisting arrest, and third-degree criminal mischief.

Jones was hit with only one charge: alcohol intoxication in a public place. However, police say speed is also considered to be a factor in the drunk driving accident.

According to, almost 200 people are killed in Kentucky every year because of a drunk driving accident. Because of this, Kentucky does not take drunk driving charges very lightly; penalties include driver’s license revocation, expensive fines, and imprisonment. This means having an experienced drunk driving accident attorney on your side is even that much more important. has some of the most qualified drunk driving accident lawyers in Bowling Green. If you are being charged for driving under the influence, they will tirelessly fight for you in court by:

  • Clearly explaining your DUI charges to you.
  • Coaching you on what needs to be said during your first court appearance.
  • Fighting for a longer probation sentence instead of longer jail time.
  • Helping you understand what plea deal should be taken if you are offered any.
  • Working to get your charges reduced or dismissed.

But what about the victims of crashes caused by drunk drivers? We’ve got you covered too. Our drunk driving accident attorneys in Kentucky will:

  • Collect all evidence necessary to file your personal injury lawsuit.
  • Help you recover compensation for any emotional and physical distress you might be experiencing.
  • Inform you of your rights as an injury victim.
  • Outline your options regarding how to collect the funds both you and your family are entitled to.
  • Request that punitive damages be awarded.

Interested in learning more? Contact our drunk driving accident lawyers in Bowling Green to schedule a free case evaluation.

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