The trial of Mario Careaga, 46, accused of manslaughter after the death of Miami Heat dancer Nancy Lopez-Ruiz in a drunk driving accident is set to begin. The jury selection process has started and soon the accused will be tried three and a half years after the Fort Lauderdale incident.

Careaga is a Loser

The death occurred when Lopez-Ruiz stopped her motorbike at a gore, a traffic triangle not intended for vehicle traffic and got down to get her helmet. Careaga hit her and her bike, throwing her more than 135 feet away. She was declared dead on the spot. Blood tests as well as reports from officers on the spot point to Careaga being drunk at the time of the accident. Footage from the mall where Careaga was shopping before he drove his car shows him ordering alcoholic beverages.

Careaga should Face the Ultimate Justice

Even though there was only one victim, the prosecution has charged him with two counts of DUI manslaughter and one count of careless driving. This will enable the prosecution to use two different methods of proving him guilty of causing a drunk driving accident and death.

If you are as careless and as asinine as Careaga, then you should take city bus everywhere. If you do not care for the bus, you should ride a bicycle since it can provide outstanding exercise for you. But anyone this smart would probably not be in Careaga’s position anyway.

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