This Years “100 Deadliest Days” have been Deadlier than they were Last Year

Utah authorities have announced that the period every year referred to as the “100 deadliest days” during which there is a marked increase in the number of drink and drive related accidents and fatalities is worse this year than it was in 2014, as reported by Fox13 Salt Lake City.

A clear deadly increase

The 100 deadliest days are spanned out between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend. Records show that in 2015, there was literally one death per day during the 100 deadliest days. A cumulative 109 people have been killed in this time. 109 is 12 worse than it was in 2014. Salt Lake City, UT drunk driving lawyers are not proud of this number and fact at all. The good news is that one of the best accident and drunk driving firms can be reached right here.

A spokesperson for the Utah Department of Transportation commented saying that each one of the 109 were actual people with faces and families. He reiterated that the state was moving in the wrong direction despite efforts to get it to improve. Furthermore, he claimed that no one was safe on the street, victims were not just motorists but pedestrians, bicyclists, passengers, and motorcyclists had all died within the 100 days.

The Utah Department of Transportation urges residents to stay safe, drive carefully, not to drink and drive, to refrain from distractions while driving and to finally make sure they are always wearing their seat belts.  Supposedly, nearly 60% of all the victims that died had not worn their seatbelts.

One arrested for suspected DUI after three vehicle crash

48 year old Timothy Scott Moon has been arrested and charged with driving under the influence and damage to property after causing an accident on Friday last week which involved a school bus, as reported by

According to investigators, Moon failed to stop or even slow down when he rear ended a halted vehicle with a force great enough to send the vehicle into the back of a school bus. The accident site has been described as the area near 3167 South 700 East in Salt Lake City and soon Salt Lake City, UT drunk driving attorneys will be scrutinizing this entire area in detail. If any of these parents or the driver who was rear ended need a fantastic lawyer to make this situation right, this is the site to be.

photodune 824945 car accident xs1 300x200 This Years “100 Deadliest Days” have been Deadlier than they were Last Year

The school bus had come to a stop so as to allow school children to get on board while the car behind was parked waiting for school bus to get going when Moon slammed into the back of a stopped car. At the time of the impact, there were two children on board the school bus in addition to the bus driver and a school aide. Thankfully, none of them sustained any injuries. Officers that arrived on scene reported that Moon showed signs of intoxication and that his breath smelt of alcohol.

DUI – how to beat your case

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