The reasons why substance abuse is a problem among commercial drivers

Shenandoah, LA – Having any kind of job that involves large amounts of driving is both difficult and dangerous. Long hours on the road mean that the driver is more likely to lose their concentration and be involved in an accident. Some commercial drivers find that using drugs or alcohol can help them stay alert and relieve the stress of having a dangerous job. However, this is both illegal and extremely dangerous. When a drunk driving accident occurs, the driver or their employer can be responsible for paying for significant amounts of damage related to things like property repairs and the victims’ medical costs.

Long hours of solitude and isolation

Truckers and others who have to drive long distances can have shifts that last several hours with lots of repetitive highway driving. Many drivers find that spending long hours alone and driving can become boring, depressing, and start to affect their mental health. An easy short term fix for these feelings is to simply become intoxicated to make the drive more tolerable, even though this greatly increases their chances of an accident. 

Job stress

A commercial driver is often pressured to do things like make deliveries and get to a destination within a certain timeframe. This is more stressful than many other jobs and it can start to cause additional problems that manifest in substance abuse or other health issues. When a driver is out on the road, the stress can be worse as they are often isolated from their friends and family or any other kind of social support or supervision. 

Collisions involving an intoxicated commercial driver

If any commercial driver causes an accident while they are working, the victim can attempt to make the driver or their employer pay for the damage that happened during their crash. This can include the person’s medical costs and lost income. Because most employers are responsible for the actions of workers that cause harm, it is likely that the employer’s business insurance will have to pay for these costs once a settlement is reached. If intoxication is an issue, evidence of the use of drugs or alcohol may possibly be introduced during the course of the lawsuit.  

Truck accident lawyers are available in Louisiana

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