The Effects of a DUI Conviction on Your Credit Score

A DUI conviction can wreak havoc on your life. Essentially, a conviction for driving under the influence can kill all your professional dreams and aspirations. Like that isn’t damaging enough, you can rest assured that your character and social image will be permanently tarnished too, the loss of your job and social reputation will ultimately result in personal and familial conflicts as well.

This is why we keep on reiterating the importance and advantages of hiring an experienced and qualified Bastrop, TX drunk driving accident lawyer who can be found right here.

There is another aspect of your life that a DUI conviction will undoubtedly hamper, and that is your financial status. If convicted of driving under the influence, it is a given that your credit score is going to take some serious damage.

DUIs are expensive

According to Bastrop, TX, drunk driving accident attorneys, no two DUI cases are exactly the same. Each case is unique and is hence handled differently.

When you are saddled with a DUI conviction it can drive you into debt, but bear in mind that the points here are generic. If you would like to gain a thorough understanding of what a DUI can do to your finances specifically, you should get in touch with an experienced drunk driving accident attorney.

To give you a brief idea as to how a DUI conviction can cut a hole in your pockets, you should first consider a simple example of a first time offender (the most common type there is). Even in case you were arrested, charged and convicted of DUI for the very first time, and even if your arrest was not a result of a drunken crash, fee’s, fines, and other financial charges can stack up very quickly.

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Big money

To give you some perspective on exactly how much it may actually set you back by, here is an everyday example, in the state of Texas, a DUI conviction generally ends up costing an aggregate of $16,500.

How you ask can it amount to that much? There are several items you will have to pay money for, namely, alcohol counselling classes, fines and court fee’s, legal attorney fees, spike in insurance premiums, and other miscellaneous costs.

Most DUI convictions come with legal repercussions, for first time offenders, prison time is exempt. However, they are required to take up mandatory alcohol and drug counselling classes at their own cost, and these classes don’t come cheap.

In some cases, the court rules that the offender will need to get ignition interlock devices installed on all of his/her vehicles, again, this is mandatory and the offender will have to bear the costs. Same goes for ankle bracelets.

The need of an All Star lawyer

Following your DUI conviction, it is a certainty that your insurance premiums will increase and remain that way for at least 3 to 5 years after the conviction itself. Your monthly premium rates could be doubled, or in some cases, even tripled! You can save some money though possibly if you have some of these charges reduced and that can only happen if you have a solid Bastrop, TX, drunk driving accident lawyer working with you every step of the way. Go right here: to make that thought a reality.

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