Teen Killed after Being Thrown from SUV in Crash

Police have said that 16 year old Damien Henderson was thrown from a SUV involved in a crash and later died in the hospital. The SUV as driven by Larry Molloy, 41, and was travelling at 80 mph in a 65 mph zone (which is not a big deal at all if you are sober). Police have said that they believe alcohol to have been a factor in the accident apart from speed. Henderson was one of three teens in the SUV.drinking alcohol  300x187 Teen Killed after Being Thrown from SUV in Crash

Molloy will Pay

The driver and the other passengers were not injured. Henderson was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash, according to the police. While police will continue to investigate the accident, any driver accused of causing a drunk driving accident needs to contact a drunk driving accident lawyer to defend them.

Molloy Caused a Vicious Wreck

When you are accused of causing a drunk driving accident, you can be arrested, your driving privileges revoked, and you also face a stiff penalty that can include imprisonment and fine. One way to ensure that you avoid such stringent penalties is to retain the services of an expert drunk driving accident attorney.

Drunk driving accident lawyers will examine the evidence against you and ensure that the prosecution only presents legally permissible evidence in court. The lawyer can also file an application on your behalf to ensure that you retain your driving privileges until the case is tried in court. This will enable you to drive to work and so on.

Molloy’s speed was a factor here because he was not in complete control of his senses and motor control. He chose to drive when he should not have. He is a careless fool and just ruined a family.SUV crash 300x228 Teen Killed after Being Thrown from SUV in Crash

A Chance for an Attorney to Shine

Drunk driving accident attorneys can also help negotiate a better deal with the prosecution, especially if the chain of evidence has been damaged. The lawyers will be able to ensure that your legal rights are protected even as you fight the charges in court and defend yourself. The lawyers will be able to present the complete circumstances of the accident and show that you were not solely to blame if there were other factors that contributed to the accident.

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