The reality of drunk driving accidents is that they are a criminal offense, and anyone who is hit by a drunk driver should make sure that the individual is held responsible for their negligent behavior. When a person opts to operate their vehicle while they are intoxicated, they not only risk injuring themselves, but they also put everyone else on the road in danger.

Since drunk driving accidents can have such serious repercussions, the law takes these crimes very seriously. The victim of a drunk driving accident should connect with an attorney who specializes in dealing with such cases so that they can be properly compensated for their losses.

The physical, financial, and emotional losses a person faces after an accident can greatly decrease the quality of a person’s life. No one should have to suffer these sudden and unfair losses, and they should take the correct legal steps to make sure they receive the right amount of settlement to cover all the damages.

A drunk driving accident lawyer who has experience dealing with cases like these can easily guide a person through the procedure so that they don’t unnecessarily prolong the process.

Receiving compensation after a drunk driving accident in Traverse City, MI

To get properly compensated, a person will need to prove how much they suffered because of the accident and because of how irresponsibly the drunk driver acted. To do this, enough evidence must be gathered. Evidence can be anything from photographs of injuries, letters written by doctors, and witness testimonies. A legal representative can guide a person on what exact evidence to get and they can inform a person on how the proof should be preserved and presented to the court and the insurance adjuster.

The criminal court system in Michigan holds drunk drivers responsible for their actions. According to the law, anyone caught driving while intoxicated will face serious penalties, including having their license suspended and having to install an ignition interlock device on their vehicle once they are allowed to get behind the wheel again. However, if a person gets hit by a drunk driver they don’t have to wait for the law to act and they can pursue a personal injury claim of their own to ensure they are treated fairly.

A person may even be able to hold the individuals who served the person alcohol responsible based on the specific details of the case. Get in touch with a qualified lawyer at Neumann Law today to start making a claim.

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