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Have you been accused of driving under the influence in South Carolina? Are you facing arrest because of your intoxication level? Drunk driving attorneys are ready to help you right now, and we are here to provide them. Our site can connect you to some of the best drunk driving accident lawyers in South Carolina who know the law and who will work diligently to make sure your case ends with the best possible outcome.

 Penalties for DUI Offenses in South Carolina

If you are found guilty of driving under the influence in South Carolina, you may face a number of penalties that can completely alter your life, including:

If bodily harm is inflicted on another motorist or pedestrian, the punishments are even more severe. You may end up with a felony offense, which can lead to job loss, financial aid denial and even the loss of certain civil rights. It’s important to retain legal counsel as quickly as possible. Whether you were already arrested for a DUI accident or a loved one is facing legal repercussions, the time to act is now. Consult with one of our experienced drunk driving accident attorneys in South Carolina to make sure your rights are protected throughout every step of your case.

 Get Legal Assistance Right Now

Aside from those who are accused of driving under the influence, you may be on the other side of the spectrum. You or a loved one may have been injured because of a drunk driver, and our skilled attorneys can assist you with your claim as well. Our legal professionals will thoroughly investigate the case and speak to police and witnesses to gather evidence in your favor. If any harm came to you or a loved one, rest easy knowing that an elite drunk driving accident attorney will be by your side, helping you get through your pain and suffering and working hard to make sure you obtain justice.

Time is of the essence when contesting a DUI charge or fighting a DUI accident –related injury. Turn to one of our featured attorneys today to schedule a consultation and discuss the best approach to filing your claim.