Columbia, SCTruck and commercial vehicle drivers are subject to strict rules when they are driving due to issues such as the long hours they work and the possibility of accidents. Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol is always dangerous, and this is even more true if a large commercial vehicle or truck is involved. When a commercial driver causes a collision, they may be subject to various fines and sanctions. It is even possible that they may no longer be eligible to driver trucks and retain their commercial driving privileges. 

Regulating trucks, commercial vehicles, and the use of alcohol

Commercial vehicle and truck drivers are subject to much more strict regulations than other drivers. This includes regulations for driving under the influence, where legal limits are much lower. South Carolina and most other states in the country have adopted a limit of .04 blood alcohol concentration based on federal standards for anyone operating a commercial vehicle. For regular drivers in most states, this limit is doubled to .08 for them to be charged with driving under the influence. 

Despite these regulations, it is possible that some drivers will not be as vigilant as they should be. Stress and other factors and can cause them to stop somewhere and drink during or between shifts. Some other drivers may have drug issues that were not detected by employers due to insufficient testing protocols or negligent hiring. Additionally, drivers are also only supposed to drive during certain hours during each shift to avoid the possibility of fatigue and other problems. 

How to respond to an accident involving a commercial driver who is possibly impaired

After a collision, it is important for victims to call the police, collect information about the vehicle and the company that owns and operates it, and contact their insurance providers. The police will begin their own investigation to determine the cause of the accident. When they make contact with the truck driver, they may possibly begin a DUI investigation and ask the suspect to take a chemical test and perform field sobriety exercises.  

Getting legal help to start the process of a lawsuit

After this initial process, speaking with an accident lawyer is important. They may file a civil case that joins both the individual driving and the business that owns and operates the vehicle fleet as defendants. Evidence of impaired or negligent driving will also likely be introduced during the civil case, regardless of how the state’s criminal charges against the individual are resolved. 

Learning more about trucking companies and accidents

There are local attorneys in South Carolina who deal with all kinds of truck and motor vehicle collisions. Louthian Law Firm is available to help people in the Columbia area with civil cases and related issues after an accident. 

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