A drunk driver was charged and arrested for causing a fatal accident in Lexington County, South Carolina that killed a motorcyclist. 

Driver collides with the rear of a motorcycle and kills the cyclist on Highway 20

The incident began at about 12:30 am on a Sunday morning on Interstate 20’s mile marker 39. This is close to Lexington County’s exit for U.S. 178 and Pelion. The South Carolina Highway Patrol believes that a 2006 Harley Davidson Motorcycle was headed westbound on I-20 when a Ford Mustang approached from behind and struck the motorcycle. 

The 49 year old male victim was pronounced dead at the scene by emergency personnel. He was wearing a helmet at the time of the collision. A 28 year old male who was driving the Mustang was charged with felony DUI and leaving the scene of an accident involving death. 

Police found that the suspect had driven away from the accident scene after the collision, which is illegal. He was eventually caught and remained in Lexington County Jail at the time of the news report. 

Evidence used to prove drunk driving

A lawsuit related to a drunk driving accident can be more favorable to the plaintiff in many situations because the police will collect a large amount of evidence at the scene and generate a separate report related to the suspect’s impairment. This evidence can be used in a civil case against the drunk driver, regardless of the outcome of the criminal charges. The observations of the police officers and others on the scene can be used to show that the driver was negligent for operating a motor vehicle in such a condition. 

Calculating damages caused by a drunk driver

The suspect may be ordered to pay for property damage, the defendant’s medical costs, and even funeral costs in a fatal accident after a wrongful death lawsuit. Many insurance policies will not cover a driver who was accused of operating their vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol, so the damages may be paid out of their own pocket.

In some cases, a judge may also offer punitive damages after a DUI accident. This means that the defendant will have to pay a much larger amount based on their reckless behavior that is not related to the amount of damage that they caused. There are also non-economic damages that are meant to compensate a victim and their family for emotional pain and trauma caused in severe accidents. Settlement agreements tied to these accidents can also compensate a victim for large expenses if the parties do not think a trial is necessary. 

Find out if you need legal help

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