Cedar Rapids, IA – Thousands of Americans are seriously hurt in car accidents each year, and life changing injuries affect some of these people as well. One of the biggest problems that an accident victim may have to deal with is treatment and costs associated with rehabilitation. This may require visits to specialists, physical therapy, and surgeries, even after a hospitalization immediately following an accident. Back pain is one of the most common medical problems in the U.S., and many people who are involved in collisions may start to experience back problems even when they are not obvious right after the incident. 

The serious cost of back problems

Several organizations have estimated that back pain and problems cost American workers and businesses between $50 and $200 billion annually. These amounts include things such as lost productivity and missed time from work, insurance and workers compensation claims, as well as the costs of visits to specialists and medical treatment. People with mild or moderate back problems tend to be able to get by with minimal costs, but for those with serious injuries, they may end up spending thousands annually. Treatments such as laser surgery on a spine injury can be extremely expensive. 

Rehabilitation centers and physical therapy

Some victims will even need to go through a rehabilitation program with the help of specialists to begin to walk and move as normal. Over time, these kinds of specialized healthcare programs have gotten more and more costly, even as treatment outcomes remain similar despite higher costs. Victims may spend even more time trying to overcome their injuries as they adopt specialized exercise programs and changes in diet and behavior to try to reduce their symptoms and return to normal. It is common for patients to experience varying levels of pain as they go through this process. 

Arguing for damages

When an injury attorney looks at all of these costs for medical treatment, their job is to try to make the person or business responsible for the injury pay for all or most of the rehabilitation. The initial complaint that is filed on the plaintiff’s behalf to begin the lawsuit will list these damages as the end, including pain and suffering, as this is the final element of a negligence case. 

Personal injury lawyers are available to assist with the process of bringing a civil case

If someone is involved in an accident, they should try to meet with a lawyer shortly afterward to determine if a lawsuit or other actions are necessary. Eells and Tronvold Law Offices is a respected firm in the Cedar Rapids area that helps clients with their civil accident cases. 

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