Redlands, CA – A Redlands resident is dealing with extensive property damage and severe injuries after a drunk driver drove into her house late at night. When incidents such as this happen, it is possible to retain a lawyer to help make the person responsible for the damage pay through a civil negligence lawsuit.

Drunk driver crashes into a local home

Police believe the incident occurred at about 11:30 pm on a Tuesday night on Brockton Ave in North Redlands. A driver, who was under the influence of alcohol, lost control of his Dodge Challenger in the area and drove through a fence around the yard, then directly into the victim’s home.

The victim was a 60 year old woman who suffered from lacerations to her face after the crash. Her brother, who also lives in the house, was uninjured from the crash, but he says that his entire kitchen and dining area was totally destroyed. The home needed to be red tagged by local authorities after an inspection due to the extent of the damage.

The suspect was a 27 year old male. His female passenger was also injured during the crash and needed to be transported to a local hospital. Redlands police charged the driver with suspicion of driving under the influence and arrested him. He was being held at a nearby detention center in Rancho Cucamonga on a $100,000 bond.

Civil lawsuits after a drunk driving accident

Victims of drunk drivers can certainly make the person responsible pay for their injuries and property damage through a civil lawsuit. Keep in mind that the criminal charges may result in jail time, loss of a driver’s license, and fines for the suspect, but victims should generally file a separate civil case to receive compensation. This will ensure that a lawyer can file a case which adds up all of the losses caused by the driver at fault and makes them pay after a settlement agreement or verdict following a jury trial. The burden of proof is also lower in civil court than criminal court, so the driver may still have to pay the victim even if the criminal charges are reduced or dropped.

What is the value of the lawsuit?

Generally, when the lawyer files their initial pleadings to start the civil case, they can describe all of the losses that the plaintiff has had to endure. This can include medical and hospital bills, lost wages, property repairs, and anything else that was directly caused by the defendant’s conduct. It is also possible that if the case looks much stronger for one side, both attorneys can make a settlement agreement where the victim is paid a reasonable amount. Otherwise, the case can proceed to trial and the jury will make the final decision regarding fault.

Talk to a lawyer after a drunk driving accident in your area

There are attorneys available in Redlands and nearby parts of California who focus on helping people after they have been hurt by a drunk driver. You can learn more about the process of filing a lawsuit after an initial consultation. is a referral service that makes finding a lawyer easy. You can select a practice area and your local state and county to find an attorney who matches your personal needs.