Pike County Crash Leaves One Dead

Barry Shortridge has been arrested for leaving the scene of an accident and driving under the influence. This is his 1st offense after his vehicle was involved in a crash. According to reports, Shortridge was driving on US 460 when his vehicle went on to the right shoulder and hit the guardrail. He then over corrected and crossed the median hitting a vehicle driven by Terry Sawyers, 49. Sawyers was pinned in the car and was declared dead on the spot while his wife has been taken to hospital for treatment. Police continue to investigate the accident.pike county 300x168 Pike County Crash Leaves One Dead

If Shortridge had people that disliked him before, he is just fueling the fire now.

Necessary Help

When you are arrested for causing a drunk driving accident you need to retain the services of an experienced drunk driving accident lawyer to ensure that your rights are protected. When a person is accused of drunk driving, they stand to have their driving privileges revoked unless they apply for an exception. A drunk driving accident attorney will be able to help you apply for a hardship license especially if this is your first offense.

Check Everything

Moreover, drunk driving accident attorneys are familiar with all the legal and police procedures that are used to prove a charge of drunk driving. They will use this expertise to ensure that your legal rights are protected and only legally admissible evidence is presented in court against you. For instance, a drunk driving accident attorney will examine the reports of the field sobriety test, the way in which blood samples were collected to determine blood alcohol levels, and so on to ensure that only admissible evidence is used against you.

Shortridge is guilty but this does not mean even someone like him should not be cheated. But that is a tall order for his crime since many people believe someone like him should not live to see another day. It would be quite hard to cheat Shortridge but it is still possible. Even Shortridge should retain some serious counsel.

Drunk driving accident lawyers are also capable of negotiating a deal with the prosecution to ensure that any penalty is minimized depending on the severity of the accident and the available evidence. This can help the person charged with causing a drunk driving accident avoid the more severe penalties associated with this.

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