Phoenix, AZ – There are a number of different consequences that accident victims must deal with in the months and years following the incident. This can include increased insurance costs, injuries, vehicle repairs, and continued medical treatment. Calculating the total cost of any motor vehicle accident can be frustrating, but this is one step that an attorney must go through when they ask for damages related to the collision. There are a number of factors that can affect the total cost of the accident and the amount of damages available to the victim. Most of these factors are related to the severity of property damage and medically significant injuries.  

Property damage

In most cases the property damage will be sustained by the vehicle, but a driver may be responsible for causing damage to structures near where the collision took place. The insurance process can be sufficient to pay for minor vehicle damage, but most policies have limits in terms of what will be covered in the event of an accident. For most accidents that involve an insurance claim, the provider will usually pay somewhere between a few hundred or a few thousand dollars for repairs. Anything more than that and the insurance company may want to write the vehicle off as a total loss. 

Medical treatment

This can be a huge variable depending on the amount of time someone spends in the hospital, if they need more special care or doctor’s visits in the months or years after the accident, and how much their lifestyle is affected. If a victim is in constant pain after the collision, this can also be factored into non-economic damages for pain and suffering. In any case, medical costs are expensive and likely to be a large part of damages when someone is seriously hurt. 

Effects on working and lost income 

If someone is hospitalized for a day or two after an accident, they may not miss much time from work. However, in more extreme collision cases someone may never be able to work as normal again. In these situations, years worth of income until the victim meets retirement age can be calculated into losses. Sometimes, this amount can reach into the millions of dollars when a person misses out on an entire career or decades of their normal salary. Lost wages can be the most significant cost from any accident if the victim cannot work again. 

Finding out if a lawsuit is the right decision after a car crash

Anyone who was affected by a motor vehicle collision can speak with a local attorney to explore their legal options. Southwest Injury Law is a firm in Phoenix that has experience with handling all kinds of issues related to accident cases. 

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Southwest Injury Law 

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