Penalties for Driving Under the Influence in Louisiana

Louisiana ranks high in the states most affected by DUI accidents. Louisiana state law enforcement also incarcerates a record high number of people for driving under the influence every year in every city and town including New Orleans and Lake Charles.

In an attempt to control the number of drunk driving incidents and drunk driving deaths, the state legislators have resorted to revising DUI laws to make them more stringent.

Penalties are increasing

Offenders are now hit with much more severe punishments if convicted of a DUI. Unfortunately, the harsher penalties have not effectively caused the problem to subside and hundreds of people fall victims to drunken drivers and drunk driving accidents every single year. This is why Lake Charles, Louisana drunk driving accident lawyers remain so busy! Do you need one? You are in luck since there has been miraculous website designed for you called

Every DUI arrest is unique, some are repeat offenses, some are first time, and some suspects have blood alcohol content more than twice the legal limit while some are just over the limit. In addition, some arrests are initiated by a drunken crash while other arrests are made from routine traffic stops and others in DUI checkpoints. Therefore, the punishments also vary depending on these factors.

If you wish to gain a complete understanding of what punishments exactly you may be facing after a DUI charge, it is best to consult an experienced Louisiana drunk driving accident attorney. A lawyer will also be able to scrutinize your arrests and find loopholes in your case that will work in your favor in a court of law.

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The lawyer maybe able to get the case against you dismissed entirely or may at least be able strike a plea bargain with the prosecutors which will result in you receiving a much less severe sentence.

Punitive damages for DUI in Louisiana

According to Lake Charles DUI attorneys who can be reached at this top legal site, in legal civil battles and claims, there are usually three different types of damages that one may claim. These are economic damages, non-economic damages, and punitive damages. Economic damages are basically accounted for, like bills and other expenses.

Non-economic damages are for things that you cannot really put a price tag on, like loss of enjoyment of life, permanent disability, etc. whereas punitive damages are meant solely to punish the guilty party to ensure that he or she does not behave in such a negligent or reckless manner in the future.

According to Louisiana state law, DUI offenders may be slapped with punitive punishments. However, punitive damages are only awarded in a DUI case if and when these four conditions are satisfied by the victim of the accident.

  • The victim will need to effectively prove that the driver was in fact inebriated by either drugs or alcohol.
  • The suspect drove in a reckless and negligent manner which showed no regard for anyone else on the roads.
  • The suspect was in fact actually operating a motor vehicle.
  • The suspect’s mentally and physically impaired state or condition is what caused the injuries that the plaintiff has sustained.

To make things worse for these drunk drivers that are apprehended and slapped with punitive damages, insurance companies will not cover punitive damages, so they will personally have to bear these costs. It does not matter what type of Lake Charles, Louisana drunk driving accident lawyer they have retained for counsel.

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