One Arrested in Towanda for DUI After a 3-Vehicle Crash

Police have arrested a 23-year-old man on suspicion of drunk driving after a three-vehicle crash in Towanda on US Route 6. According to the police all three vehicles were heading west at the time of the crash. Two of the vehicles driven by Janet Richardson and Joseph Wheeler were stopped at a red light to make a left turn. At this time, a vehicle driven by Jesse Paul Johnson hit Richardson’s vehicle in the rear pushing it to hit the back of Wheeler’s vehicle.dui 300x192 One Arrested in Towanda for DUI After a 3 Vehicle Crash

Damaged Cars

Richardson’s passenger Carol Eddy complained of shoulder pain after the crash and was checked for injuries. Johnson’s vehicle had serious damage on its front end, Richardson’s vehicle had minor damage to its front and rear ends, and Wheeler’s vehicle had very minor damage to its rear end according to reports. There is one thing group of people that drunk drivers make happy and that is of car body shops. They receive a steady amount of business because of sloppy driving and living.

Why drive drunk?

While no one was seriously injured in the accident, police have arrested Johnson on suspicion of causing a drunk driving accident. This can have serious consequences including a withdrawing of driving privileges. Moreover, if a person is convicted of a drunk driving accident they can face greater insurance premiums as well.

If you are accused of causing a drunk driving accident, you need to retain the services of a drunk driving accident lawyer who can represent you in court as well as with the Department of Motor Vehicles. A drunk driving accident attorney will be able to apply on your behalf with the DMV to ensure that your driving license is not suspended.

Moreover, a drunk driving accident attorney will be able to assess the evidence against you and ensure that only legally permissible evidence is presented in court. This step can help minimize the charge and the penalty. For instance, if the police are unable to prove your blood alcohol levels, the charge becomes a simpler one of causing an accident and attracts a lesser penalty.

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