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Penalties for Drunk Driving Accidents in Oklahoma

If you are the one being accused of a DUI-related crash, you may be facing serious penalties. Not only can a standard DUI result in lifelong negative consequences, but when alcohol consumption causes an accident – especially one involving bodily harm to another person – the penalties are exponentially worse.

A DUI accident conviction in Oklahoma can lead to:

Unfortunately, there are many times when a driver isn’t intoxicated, but is charged with DUI nonetheless. Officer suspicion alone is sometimes enough to charge a driver and even faulty breathalyzer devices can lead to inaccurate blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level readings.

Working with an experienced drunk driving accident lawyer can ensure your rights are not violated. Your attorney will investigate the incident and if they find you were unfairly charged, rest easy knowing you will walk away from your case with reduced or possibly eliminated charges.

 How an Attorney Can Help DUI Accident Victims

If you were the victim of an alcohol-related accident, our drunk driving accident lawyers can help you as well. Hundreds of people are injured or killed in DUI crashes each year in the state, but an attorney can protect your rights and help you obtain compensation for your pain and suffering, including medical care, lost wages, property damage reimbursement and loss of consortium damages.

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