Facing a Drunk Driving Accident Charge in New York?

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New York takes driving under the influence charges very seriously. Any time a driver is found guilty of operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they will be charged with DWI, or Driving While Intoxicated. It’s important to hire legal counsel when facing drunk driving charges because a conviction can lead to serious and life-changing penalties. But finding legal representation isn’t always easy. That’s where we come in.

Our site features access to top drunk driving accident attorneys in New York who will take on your case and help you surpass your charges. Simply browse our site to locate and learn more about the lawyers in your area, then give them a call to schedule a FREE consultation. It’s that easy!

Our lawyers can also help the victims of drunk driving accidents obtain compensation for their pain and suffering. Victims may be entitled to money damages, lost wages and loss of consortium following the death of a loved one, and our drunk driving layers will do everything possible to secure the maximum recovery.

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Penalties for New York Drunk Driving Accidents

Any motorist found guilty of causing a drunk driving accident in New York is subject to the following punishments:

If bodily harm or a fatality is caused by the driver’s actions, the penalties are much worse. Hiring a skilled drunk driving attorney is the best way for those who are accused to protect their rights. There are times when motorists are unfairly accused of intoxicated driving, but attorneys know exactly what to do to beat the charges. Your drunk driving accident lawyer will research the circumstances surrounding your case and will not allow you to suffer punishment for a crime there is little or no proof you committed.

Defending the Victims of a Drunk Driving Accident

Our drunk driving accident lawyers also represent the victims of an intoxicated crash. They can help you and your loved ones recover money damages for your pain and suffering and will work around the clock to make sure those who are responsible for your injuries or losses are held accountable for their negligent actions.

Give one of our featured attorneys a call today. You have rights, whether you were the driver or the victim, and our lawyers are committed to protecting them.