In a controversy involving the New City Police Department, the law enforcement is trying to determine if it is alright for a deputy to turn off his car cam when approaching a car whose driver they suspect to be drunk.

A deputy from Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office turned off his dash cam after seeing that the suspect was someone he knew from high school and who was also an off duty NYPD officer. The off duty police officer, Ty Cogan, did not reciprocate this friendliness and instead began shouting and cursing Deputy Jeffrey Passino from the Sheriff’s office, refusing to be handcuffed.

Two more officers arrived and in the scuffle an officer’s glasses broke, according to police reports. All through the ensuing drama, while Cogan sat in his car with the keys removed or when he kicked the officers who tried to handcuff him or even when he refused to get into the squad car, did Jeffrey Passino think of turning the cam back on. Thanks to this, the attorney for the defendant will not have to defend a video showing Cogan’s drunken behavior.

Cogan and Passino used to be buddies in high school.

But you have multiple witnesses that say otherwise.

Was Passino trying to protect a fellow officer?

What exactly passed through Passino’s mind and made him turn off the dash cam cannot be said with certainty. They may have been to the same High School. However, both had been out of school for a long time so there was no reason Cogan could be trusted. It could also be that they were still friends and Passino did not want to get him into trouble. Perhaps Cogan stuck up for Passino in high school at one point. Perhaps Cogan passed Passino the ball for the game winning shot in a high school basketball game.

Some people are wondering how Passino knew it was Cogan right when he pulled him over. Perhaps he recognized the car Cogan was driving.

Another point for deliberation is that they were colleagues and Passino was merely being professional and courteous, which was something that Cogan was too drunk to recognize. Whatever the cause for Passino turning off the dash cam, Passino does not mention Cogan as a policeman anywhere in the report.

The details after the arrest

After he was taken to the sheriff’s office and tested Cogan registered a BAC level of .21, which is almost three times the legal limit of 0.08. The BAC count was taken 90 minutes after the arrest making it obvious that he was extremely drunk while driving as an off duty police officer. According to Mahopac NY drunk driving accident attorneys, his BAC was over the threshold for aggravated DWI charges, which is 0.18 percent.

As per a civilian witness, Cogan was seen driving a Chevrolet Silverado Pickup erratically in the direction of Liverpool along the Onondaga Lake Parkway. The pickup skipped a red light when passing through the village.

Around 8:25 pm Liverpool PD officer Todd Creller saw a pickup traveling without lights and pulled him over.

Cogan is in trouble

By this time the 911 dispatch center had also sent out a lookout warning for the pickup. A little after Creller had Cogan pull over, Passino arrived and asked him for his license, which he had trouble finding. Daniel Pirong, 40, the other officer along with Creller has sworn in an affidavit that he saw the Passino yell repeatedly at the two officers. Remarkably, the incident which occurred on the 19th December last year has been reported in the media only now, almost a month and half later.