Motorcycle Crash Shuts down I-20 near Queen Creek Road

Multiple motorcycles were involved in a crash near Queens Creek Road and Riggs Road, Phoenix, according to police reports. The crash shut down the I-20 for many hours from 2:30 am. Police believe the motorcycles were sports bikes.

According to reports, one speeding motorcycle hit the flatbed trailer of a pickup truck on the rear. Another motorcyclist was able to avoid hitting the truck, but lost control of his bike. Phoenix, AZ drunk driving accident lawyers are trying to put together what happened. One of the most impressive and dazzling attorneys of this kind can be found right here and has a proven record of representing his clients well and winning the financial compensation they deserve.

Motorcycle rider dead

The rider who was involved in the crash was in his twenties and pronounced dead on the spot. The second motorcyclist was treated for injuries. Riders on two other motorcycles left the scene of the accident.

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Information still being sought

Police continue to investigate the accident. While they are certain that speed was a factor in the collision, they have not ruled out drunk driving as a cause.

Dead passenger

In another accident in Maricopa County, a driver suspected of being under the influence has been jailed after the death of her passenger in the single vehicle crash. According to reports, Antoinette Sanchez, 39, was found trapped in her overturned pickup truck in the Desert Green Drive and Rancho El Dorado Parkway at night. Her 53-year-old passenger, Heidi Johnson, was declared dead on the spot by paramedics who arrived there. Johnson was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident and was partially ejected from the overturned truck.

At the Chandler Regional hospital, medical staff found that Sanchez had a blood alcohol level of 0.254, well above the legally permissible limit of 0.08 for drivers in Arizona. Sanchez has admitted to drinking alcohol before she drove the truck. The single vehicle accident has resulted in the death of one person and caused injuries to the driver. She has been charged with manslaughter and multiple counts of drunk driving. Police officials say the accident can be attributed to drunk driving, failure to negotiate a T intersection, and speed.

Sanchez was taken to the hospital for treatment and arrested soon after she was released by the hospital. She has been lodged at the Pinal County Adult Detention Center and will certainly be needing a Phoenix, AZ drunk driving accident attorney soon and one of the best ones can be found right here:

Need for legal representation

With authorities taking firm action against suspected drunk drivers, it becomes important for those charged with drunk driving to retain an experienced drunk driving accident lawyer in Phoenix, Arizona, as soon as possible.

The state has a blood alcohol limit of 0.08 and any driver with a higher alcohol level involved in an accident is likely to be charged with drunk driving. However, a drunk driving accident attorney will be able to evaluate the evidence and the way it was collected and ensure that the rights of the accused are protected.

For instance, if the blood samples were not collected with due process, or improperly labeled, then the lawyer might be able to prevent the prosecution from presenting this evidence in court. This will lead to reduced charges, a lower conviction, and a lower penalty. As drunk driver can be imprisoned, fined, and get their license suspended, retaining an experienced lawyer is essential in helping you have the charges against you be reduced. You can secure attorneys of this caliber on this glowing website

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