Man Handed 5 Year Prison Sentence for Drunk Driving Accident that Killed His Son

32 year old Jeremiah Price has gotten double blow after causing a drunken driving accident. Price made a terrible decision when he got behind the wheel after getting intoxicated and the lapse in judgment has cost him dearly, according to

First, Price lost his son in the accident and now he has been sent to Gretna prison where he will remain for the next five years of his life. Initially, the judge handed him a 10 year prison sentence but then suspended five years of the sentence since he probably figured out this man had already suffered enough. This movie certainly made his Lafayette, Louisiana drunk driving accident lawyer happy.

Charges against him included driving under the influence, driving under the influence with a minor passenger, not restraining a child under 13 in the right manner, in addition to other charges. According to arresting officers, 32 year old Price ignored cautionary traffic lights and other signs to slow down as he approached a construction zone and ended up ploughing into the back of a truck. Not even the finest lawyers on this glorious website can overcome this type of dereliction.

Price’s son, Jashawn, did not have a seat belt on and was hence thrown forward from the force of the impact and smashed into the console and was sandwiched between the floorboard and the console.

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An autopsy was conducted which confirmed that the reason for death was massive head trauma. Price’s blood alcohol level was tested post the accident and it registered at 0.175%, which is more than twice the maximum permissible legal limit of 0.08% in the state according to Lafayette LA drunk driving accident attorneys.

Lawyer did his best but no one forced Price to drink & drive

Price’s lawyer said the accident was mainly caused due to poorly lit traffic signs and a poorly planned construction site which he says should never have been there in the first place. He argues that it was a ticking time bomb, a recipe for disaster, a death trap laid out for someone to drive into. He further commented that if it wasn’t Price it would have been somebody else that day who would have become victims of the construction zone.

Single car accident results in dead passenger

Law enforcement authorities strongly suspect that alcohol was involved in a single car crash that occurred in Port Allen, Lafayette on Tuesday night earlier last week. The single car crash claimed the life of a passenger that was riding in the car, a woman identified as 38 year old Tasha Nelson. The accident site has been detailed as LA 415 south of US 190, as reported by

The suspect has been identified as Dedrick Varise, 32. He faces charges of vehicular homicide, driving under the influence, reckless driving, etc.

DUI laws – Louisiana

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Offenders are handed prison sentences which may be decades long in some serious cases in addition to thousands of dollars in fines and penalties. This is why those facing charges need to do everything they can in their power to beat their DUI case. The first vital step in beating your DUI charge is to appoint an experienced Louisiana drunk driving lawyer who will take care of the rest and ensure you receive a fair trial if the case goes to court.

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