Man from Austin Crashes Ferrari 458 Speciale; Hit with Drunk Driving Charges

Why would you drive drunk with such an expensive car! That is like trading five terrorists for one American traitor! Well, it was not a Lamborghini at least!

Austin law enforcement officers have pressed charges against a 28 year old man who allegedly was driving under the influence when he crashed his high end Ferarri 458 speciale.

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As reported by, the suspect has been identified as 28 year old James Sidney Allen who was travelling with two others when he crashed the expensive sports car in West Lake hills near Red Bud trail recently.

As per the Austin Fire Department, the two-seater sports car launched off a lip and got as much as 40 feet high into the air when it drove off the bridge. Allen is now facing charges of driving under the influence and a witness who saw the crash claims that the car plummeted an approximate 50 feet into a ravine and it is a miracle that Allen is just facing a DUI charge and is not six foot under.

Responding officers and medics who checked on Allen detected that he might have been under the influence of alcohol and prosecuted him accordingly. As per the police report, there were two others in the car with him, a man and a woman, and they both suffered multiple lacerations.

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No one wants to be in a drunk driving accident but if you make the wrong moves post the crash, this will be a serious sore spot in your life for years to come.

Allen himself confessed to having had consumed two bottles of beer while at the Steampunk Saloon. According to the arrest report filed in connection with the case, Allen smelled of alcohol and his speech was slurred too. This is what drunk driving accident lawyers in Austin, TX, and the finest in the business is Luke Dow Law Firm who know how to pull a winner out of the brink since they know what legal avenues to pursue and when to pursue them, say is the first visual cues that police look for when they pull over a suspect for drunk driving.

Austin Fire Departments Facebook post mocks Ferrari owner who crashed while driving drunk

The Austin Fire Department posted on their Facebook page about the accident and went on to mention that the car was airborne for 40 feet and that it flipped over in the air and that it landed on its side down a 40 feet ravine. There is no roller coaster in the world that can match that ride! That is not a ride you want to be on!

You thought Disneyland was expensive! That is not a car you want to total.

The car Allen was driving is worth $385,000 and is made by the Italian automobile giant, Ferrari, who considers the car one of their finest in terms of being one of the most extremely focused Ferrari V8 sports car in history. It is capable of attaining speeds up to 199 mph and can go from 0 – 62 mph in just three quick seconds. It can also be destroyed and fly off bridges! Ferrari will not put that in one of their ads though will they?

Needless to say, you should not be drunk when handling such a speed monster and Allen and his friends can certainly consider themselves very lucky to have survived the almost movie like crash that they caused.

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