Sandor Guillen has been convicted by a jury of causing the drunk driving accident that lead to the death of 13-year-old Kaely Camacho. The 39-year-old man was found wandering in the fields close to the accident site with three times the permitted blood alcohol levels. An Evil Person While he claimed that he was a victim of assault when the police first found him, the prosecution was able to prove that his DNA matched the blood found on the airbag of the SUV that hit the car in which Camacho was travelling. Guillen faces up to 30 years in prison for causing a drunk driving accident, leaving the scene of the accident, and vehicular homicide. The Chain of Evidence When you are accused of causing a drunk driving accident you need to immediately retain the services of drunk driving accident lawyers who can help defend you. While the prosecution and the police will try to prove that you caused the accident and had high levels of blood alcohol levels, the defense will try and assess the evidence to see if there are any gaps in it. It is up to the police and the prosecution to prove the entire chain of evidence that connects you to the drunk driving accident. Serious Penalties Reduced Considerably Sometimes, the evidence could have been misinterpreted by the police. In such cases, your drunk driving accident attorney will present alternative theories that could explain the evidence presented by the police. This can often help reduce the severity of the penalty imposed. Sometimes, the driver who caused the drunk driving accident could have moved away from the accident scene because they wanted to relieve themselves or call for help. This could have been misinterpreted by the police and witnesses as an attempt to flee the scene of the accident. Guillen is a Terrible Citizen Guillen will need the best attorney to represent him but even then his future appears to be murky. He probably cannot afford a decent legal rep. though because he spent all his money on alcohol.