A Las Vegas, Nevada mother was charged in connection with a reckless driving incident that resulted in the death of her young son.

Mother was speeding while drunk in the minutes before her child died

The incident happened late on a Sunday night. Witnesses in the area saw the suspect’s 2020 Hyundai Sonata strike a 2011 Nissan Sentra while the Sentra was making a turn. The 36 year old victim in the Sentra only suffered minor injuries. People in the area said that they saw the suspect’s one year old baby ejected from the car during the collision. The child sustained injuries that would prove to be fatal. 

The initial investigation showed that she may have been going as fast as 120 miles per hour in the moments before the collision. She had apparently called the child’s father to say that she would be home soon, but then began speeding.  

Police at the scene suspected that she may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The arrest report indicated that she had bloodshot eyes and a strong smell of alcohol on her body. The 23 year old woman who is a Las Vegas native was eventually charged with DUI causing death, felony reckless driving, child abuse, and neglect or endangerment of a child. 

Attempting to sue a drunk driver in civil court

It is possible to bring a civil lawsuit against someone who injured you, even if the state has already brought serious criminal charges. The civil case will be handled separately from the state’s criminal case. The important difference for accident victims is that a civil case is often the only way to receive adequate compensation for their injuries, as there are limitations to the insurance process

The steps to prove negligence

When a civil case is brought against a driver who has caused injuries, the job of the plaintiff’s attorney is to show that the defendant was negligent while on the roads. This means that the defendant breached their normal duty of care while driving and caused harm to others, which resulted in damages. An important element of the case is the total of damages, as this allows the plaintiff’s lawyer to make an argument for compensation based on the total costs of things like medical bills and treatment, hospitalizations, missed time from work, and lost income. When there are related criminal charges like in a drunk driving accident, these crimes are used as additional evidence to prove negligence. 

Get assistance from a local accident attorney

If you have been hurt while driving, it is important to learn about the process to protect your rights and bring a civil lawsuit if necessary. To speak with a lawyer who is licensed to practice in Nevada, contact:

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