Las Vegas, NV – Companies that own trucks, in addition to the individual driver, are often responsible for large highway collisions that result in severe property damage or injuries to drivers nearby. When this happens, anyone who is affected can bring a civil case against the business that owns the truck. This is because even if the individual driver is at fault for causing the accident, companies are liable for the actions of their employees who are engaged in their normal job duties.

Overturned trucks and highway blockages

If a truck tips over while on any kind of large road or highway, drivers in the area may be injured in a crash or inconvenienced by excessive traffic delays. Sometimes this may be due to a mechanical problem with the vehicle, and other times drivers make errors that have disastrous consequences. 

This situation is dangerous because a semi truck or 18 wheeler can entirely block a highway and cause several vehicles to collide with the trailer or cab of the truck at high speeds. Police and emergency crews will often have to respond and spend hours clearing the scene before traffic goes back to normal. There may also be cargo spills, debris, or hazardous materials that block the road. This can require special assistance, especially when there are concerns about chemicals, fumes, or toxic substances.

Injuries and the possibility of lawsuits

When several cars get caught in this kind of wreck or pileup, the likelihood of serious injuries and fatalities also increases, due to the total number of injuries and greater potential for losses. While multiple drivers will be involved, it is likely that the business that owns the overturned truck will be responsible for most of the losses associated with these kinds of large scale accidents. If the truck driver holds a commercial driver’s license, but is found to be guilty of driving under the influence or other serious traffic offenses, they may lose their commercial license.

Losses caused by a trucking business

The possibility of these kinds of accidents also causes companies that own fleets of trucks to buy special insurance to cover large amounts of damage when an accident happens. A large incident that affects several other people and vehicles can cause thousands or millions of dollars worth of property damage and costs due to medical treatment. 

Learning more from a personal injury attorney

There are lawyers in the Las Vegas area who can assist victims after any kind of truck, commercial vehicle, or motor vehicle accident. They can file a civil case on the victim’s behalf to be compensated for injuries and other losses through a settlement or after a jury trial. 

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