Kerry Kennedy Uses Sleep Driving Defense in DUI Charge

Kerry Kennedy, the daughter of assassinated Senator Robert Kennedy and former wife of Governor Cuomo, has continued to maintain that she is not guilty of causing a drunk driving accident on July 13th, 2012. The accident occurred on Interstate 684. Well at least she did not get drunk and kill another woman like Ted Kennedy did. Ted Kennedy knows all about that and then he wrote the education bill that is enabling high school students who cannot read to graduate. He did this before he passed away.dui1 243x300 Kerry Kennedy Uses Sleep Driving Defense in DUI Charge

Her Excuse does not Work

Kennedy, through her defense drunk driving accident lawyer, has claimed that she erroneously took sleep medication instead of her thyroid medication, and this led to her impaired state. According to her lawyer the sleep medication must have affected her, as she drove her Lexus SUV into a tractor trailer.

Telling Stories

While witnesses have said that they saw the driver slumped over the steering wheel after the accident, Kennedy had originally claimed that seizure. However, testing revealed that her system had sleeping medication.

Apart from drunk driving, those found driving while impaired by the influence of prescriptions drugs are also charged with a DUI. If you are accused of such driving, you need to retain the services of a drunk driving accident attorney who can examine the circumstances of the accident and present an appropriate defense.

For instance, the law penalties you face if you knowingly drive a vehicle when you were impaired are more severe that if you accidently took sleeping medication and were, therefore, impaired.

While your drunk driving accident lawyers will try and prove that you took the sleep medication or other drugs inadvertently, the prosecution will argue against this. For instance, in the Kennedy trial, the prosecution claims that Kennedy should have been able to perceive that she was not alert and should have pulled over and asked for help instead of continuing to drive her SUV. A DUI is a serious charge and if you are accused of this, you need to retain experienced drunk driving accident attorneys who can defend you.

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