Jefferson Parish Judge Sentences DUI Convict to 5 Years in Prison

Jeremiah Price’s life has been turned upside down all because of one silly decision to get behind the wheel, knowing all too well that drunken driving is a very bad idea. To make things worse, Price took this reckless decision despite having his infant son in the car with him, according to

We suppose his biggest and most severe punishment is something no judge can hammer down, the death of his son itself. To add to his misfortunes he has now been sentenced by a Jefferson Parish Judge to serve a minimum of 5 years in prison. His New Orleans drunk driving accident lawyer did their best.

During the sentence hearing, Price spoke to the judge and expressed that he had already received the worst punishment possible. He commented that not a single day, minute or second goes by when he isn’t regretting the death of his one year old son. In light of this mental anguish, Price’s drunk driving accident attorney who could have been found on this fascinating legal website had asked that the judge be lenient and hand down only the lightest sentence he possibly could.

He reasoned that Price had suffered enough and that he would continue suffering throughout his life because of what had happened. The attorney felt positively confident that there was no way Price was a threat to the public as a repeat drunk driving offender in the future and there is simply no way he would do it again.

Man ignores traffic sings and drives into construction area, collides with construction vehicle

The case was concluded when a jury comprising of 6 jurors deliberated for a few hours before finally deciding that Price was in fact guilty in the October 2013 car crash which killed his son Jashawn Price. After the accident, Price was subjected to sobriety testing and toxicology reports which registered his blood alcohol level at 0.175% BAC which is more than twice the maximum permissible legal limit in the state of 0.08% BAC (for adult, non – commercial drivers).

The accident occurred in the proximity of Stumpf Boulevard in Gretna, a few miles from New Orleans. He had ignored several well lit traffic warning signs asking that drivers take diversions since there was construction ahead. Price obliviously drove by the signs even rammed through some barrels that were blocking off the area under construction before fatally colliding with the construction vehicle. His one year old son was not restrained in a child safety seat as stipulated by law, in fact, he was not restrained at all. Price also suffered minor injuries in the drunken driving crash but who cares about that.

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His New Orleans drunk driving accident attorney was behind in the race even before it started.

Still cannot admit the truth

Before the jury found him guilty, Price had confessed to have had consumed alcohol prior to getting behind the wheel. However, he maintained that he wasn’t impaired and that the alcohol did not contribute to the accident. He blamed the accident on poor lighting of the road.

What did that lighting have to do with him hitting obstacles to reach the final immovable obstacle? Did his own car not have lights?

New Orleans DUI laws

New Orleans is stringent when it comes to the crime of driving under the influence, no one is spared, the full extent of the law is used to punish those convicted. Punishments are elaborate and severe and may include (in cases of repeat offenders) multiple years or sometimes even decades of prison time.

If you feel like you don’t belong in prison with rapists and serial killers, and that you have been unfairly charged with a DUI, make sure to consult an experienced New Orleans, LA drunk driving accident lawyer right away. It’s your best bet!

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