Drunk driving can lead to a lot of unnecessary pain and harm for the victims and the driver. It is for this reason that this act is seen as a crime and taken so seriously. All drunk drivers should be held responsible for their actions, and the victims of this irresponsible behavior should receive proper compensation for the sudden harm they experienced.

People are injured daily because of crashes involving intoxicated drivers, and the pain the victims suffer is financial, physical, and emotional. After a car accident, the first matter in question is to determine who is at fault and who caused the collision to take place. In DDA situations, it is already clear that the drunk driver was very negligent so they will be held accountable for the collision.

Statistics show that 2% of residents in Mississippi report driving after they have consumed too much alcohol. This can lead to serious injuries and fatalities so individuals should make sure they avoid this behavior at all costs. If a person suspects they may get drunk at an event or they suspect there may be alcohol present at a gathering, they should make sure to arrange a ride or a place to stay overnight beforehand, so they don’t find themselves in a situation where they are operating their vehicle on the roads in a state of intoxication.

The last thing anyone wants to do is get a fine for driving under the influence. Since alcohol significantly impairs a person’s ability to think clearly and make solid decisions, the chances of getting into an accident are even higher than usual and a person can easily find themselves in a drunk driving accident.

How does alcohol impair driving in Jackson, MS?

When a driver consumes alcohol, they increase their chances of getting into an accident because they will experience:

  • Decreased reaction time
  • Poor coordination
  • Inhibited judgment
  • Impaired vision

Anyone who operates their vehicle while in such a state should be held legally accountable for their actions. The law entails that drunk driving is illegal in Mississauga and the BAC of a person should always be below 0.08%. if it is 0.08% or higher then a person is considered drunk. Truck drivers have it even harder and their legal limit is under 0.04%.

Get in touch with a DDA attorney at the Law Offices of Malouf and Malouf to learn more about the drunk driving car accident claim process.

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