Drunk driving is a serious offense because of how much damage and harm it can cause to everyone sharing the road with the guilty driver. Many accidents can be seen as a mistake, but when drunk drivers get into a collision their actions are not taken lightly and the damage that they caused to others is seen as a deliberate act of harm to those around them.

No one should get behind the wheel unless they are completely certain that they are not intoxicated. Even if a person has only had a little bit to drink, they should still make sure they find an alternative route home and they don’t try to operate a vehicle under any circumstance.

If a person is attending a gathering where they know they will be drinking, they should arrange an alternative ride home beforehand to avoid having to deal with the hassle when night arrives. If they are unable to arrange a ride, they should make sure they find a nearby place they can sleep until the alcohol leaves their system and they can think and drive properly again.

Many innocent individuals suffer very serious and even fatal injuries far too often because of the negligence of a drunk driver. Anyone who was hit by a drunk driver should connect with a drunk driving accident lawyer as soon as possible so they can start filing a claim against the driver who caused them so much harm. The more they suffered, the more they will be entitled to claim.

Drunk driving facts and statistics in Mississippi

Nearly one in three car accidents involve the use of alcohol. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the majority of those who lose their lives in drunk driving accidents are between the ages of 30 and 49 and a majority of the fatalities are with males.

Most accidents of this nature occur on the weekend and while on the highway. So, anyone who’s cruising the highway on a weekend should make sure they stay extra vigilant because of the higher rate of drunk driving accidents. Alcohol decreases a driver’s reaction time, decreases their coordination, inhibits their judgment, and even impairs their vision. Drunk drivers are negligent, and they should be held to account for the harm they caused and the danger they put everyone on the road in.

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