How Do DUI Charges Affect Car Insurance Rates in North Carolina?

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A DUI charge is not only a serious charge that has the ability to affect your life and livelihood, but it is also a rather costly charge when convicted of the crime. Not only are you likely to be hit with expensive fines, fees, and additional costs for certain programs you must complete, but you can also expect to see an increase in your insurance costs when charged and found guilty of driving while under the influence in the state of North Carolina.


Did you know that NC has been recognized as having the highest increase in insurance rates for drivers who were convicted of DUI [Source: Value Penguin]?


That’s right. Value Penguin highlighted that drivers saw an approximate increase of 308.9% or 4.08x in rates for DUI offenders. And to make matters worse, your rates may only increase higher if you were to have caused an accident as a result of driving drunk. You see, when you are convicted of causing a drunk driving accident or simply found guilty of DUI, your insurer, which is a business, views you as a liability. That means your actions could cost them money, if they haven’t already given you caused a DUI wreck. And that is something insurers don’t like.

If an insurance company considers you a high-risk driver, which most will if you have been convicted of DUI in NC , they are going to make you pay for it. And if you caused an accident, which likely resulted in property damage and even injuries, your insurer is going to hold you accountable for your actions by charging you more for your insurance premiums.


What other costs might I incur if I caused a DUI accident in Charlotte, NC?


As we mentioned above, a DUI charge is a pretty expensive offense to get hit with. And because lawmakers frown heavily upon those who make the cognitive decision to get behind the wheel drunk, they are looking to make you pay in more ways than one for your decisions. So, aside from having to pay more for insurance, below we highlight a few other charges you might incur if you were recently charged with DUI.


  • Jail fees, prior to you being convicted of causing a DUI accident. These fees will cost you “$10.00 per 24 hours or fraction thereof” [Source: North Carolina Courts].
  • Jail fees, after being sentenced will cost you $40.00 per day.
  • Court costs
  • Attorney fees
  • Probation
  • Ignition interlock device costs if applicable
  • Lab fees if a blood or urine sample was collected to test your BAC, blood-alcohol content, level.


drunk driving accident lawyers in Charlotte, NC
Charged with causing a drunk driving accident in Charlotte, NC? Let connect you with a DUI accident attorney who can explain your charges and review with you how they can potentially get them reduced.

And these are only some of what you can expect to pay when charged with DUI in Charlotte, NC. With that said, if you were recently arrested for the crime and are wanting to find out if you are able to fight your charges so that you won’t be responsible for paying so much in fines and fees, you or someone you know needs to get in contact with a drunk driving accident lawyer in Charlotte, NC immediately. If you need help locating a legal professional, is available to help you find a lawyer in your area that is highly experienced in handling drunk driving accident cases who will protect your interests and defend your rights.

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