How Can I Hold a Drunk Driver Liable for an Accident They Caused?

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When an individual chooses to get behind the wheel of their vehicle intoxicated, they not only put their life at risk, but also the lives of others who may be traveling around them. This includes drivers, pedestrians, motorcyclists, and bicyclists. While drunk driving is an issue in all states, it is especially a problem in South Carolina. Apparently, SC has been identified as the number two state with the most impaired driving fatalities, according to Safewise.

Now, although we cannot prevent all motorists from driving drunk, there are forms of action that can be taken when someone decides that it is okay to operate a motor vehicle while impaired and as a result, causes an accident. One of the forms of action a victim and/or their surviving family can take is by filing a lawsuit against the reckless person who chose to violate the law. If a victim was lucky enough to survive the collision they were involved in, they can file a personal injury lawsuit against the individual and demand that damages be paid to them. However, if the victim of one of these tragic accidents suffered fatal injuries, their family can file what is called a wrongful death lawsuit on their behalf.

When a victim or their surviving family chooses to file suit, they will want to be represented by an experienced SC drunk driving accident lawyer who will fight for justice as well as for the maximum amount of compensation they can be awarded. The DUI accident attorneys at The Hendricks Firm, LLC drunk are more than qualified to provide legal assistance to those who may have recently been involved in a crash in Easley, SC that was caused by a drunk driver.


What are some of the things a drunk driving accident victim can receive compensation for?


Victims of alcohol-related accidents generally seek compensation from the at-fault party for two different reasons. The first is for unexpected expenses that arise as a result of the crash, and the second is to help deter the individual away from engaging in the same or similar behavior again. Some things your DUI crash lawyer can help you recover compensation for include:


  • Medical Expenses. After being involved in a collision, it is likely you sustained some sort of injury which required you to seek medical attention. Now, as you know, the cost of health care today is not exactly affordable for everyone which means your accident may have resulted in you raking up thousands of dollars in medical bills. But, because you didn’t cause the wreck and someone else’s negligent actions didthey should be liable for covering the cost of these expenses.


  • Pain and Suffering. The pain and suffering a victim of a DUI accident suffers from is sometimes unbearable. While some are forced to undergo surgery for the injuries they sustained, others spend their remaining years alive suffering from chronic pain. Either way, the level of pain you may be feeling along with your suffering both should be taken into account when determining what your case is worth.


  • Lost Wages.  Accidents that result in any type of suffering often lead to a person being unable to work. Whether it is for a few days, weeks, or months, the fact is, when you aren’t receiving a steady paycheck, things can become rather difficult for you and your family. That is why many DUI wreck victims often seek compensation for the wages they were or are unable to earn.


  • Mental Anguish. If the crash resulted in you developing anxiety or depression, or any other type of mental suffering, this is something that you are entitled to seek compensation for. Now, determining just how much your mental suffering is worth isn’t always easy as there isn’t an exact formula that can be used, therefore, it is best your attorney help you derive a fair amount.


drunk driving accident lawyers in Easley, SC
If the DUI collision you were involved in has caused your relationship to suffer, a SC DUI accident attorney can help your loved one recover compensation for loss of consortium.
  • Loss of Consortium. If your injury has come between you and your spouse or a family member, they may be entitled to recover compensation for the loss they now have to live with. For instance, if you are unable to be the companion you once were because of the injuries you sustained, your spouse/family member has also been affected by the wreck and is therefore entitled to compensation as well.


If you were involved in a wreck in Easley, SC and want to learn more about what your accident case is worth, don’t hesitate to contact The Hendricks Firm, LLC. The attorneys at this firm are more than prepared to provide you with the information you are seeking and are ready to assist you if you wish to take legal action.


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