Head-On Crash Kills Pregnant Passenger, DUI Suspected

A head-on crash on Highway 167 that has left a pregnant woman dead and a taxi driver in critical condition is suspected to have been caused by a DUI. According to the police the crash was caused by Hamilton, 48, who drove his Dodge pickup into the taxi. This sheared the driver’s side of the taxi.

No Mercy

Police said that Hamilton left his lane and suspect that it was a drunk driving accident. They say Hamilton was sluggish at the time of the crash and fell asleep even as they were questioning him later. His blood sample has been collected for testing for the presence of alcohol and drugs. As the Medical Examiner has confirmed that the dead passenger, Shanna Huttenstine, 34, was pregnant, he faces two counts of vehicular homicide and one count of vehicular assault.dui1 300x193 Head On Crash Kills Pregnant Passenger, DUI Suspected

Hamilton made a life changing mistake. His neglect and stupid behavior cost America one of its citizens. This terrible accident could have been prevent.

When you are injured in a drunk driving accident or lose a loved one in such an accident you need to contact a drunk driving accident lawyer who can help you file a suit for financial compensation. If you have sustained injuries in the drunk driving accident you can claim compensation for the cost of medical treatment as well as for lost income and earnings.

Pound Him Down

Those who lose a family member in a drunk driving accident can ask for financial compensation for the cost of the funeral as well as the emotional and mental suffering endured. This is all the more so if they also witnessed the accident. No one feels sorry for Hamilton―many people believe his punishment will not be grave enough. He has caused so much pain, it cannot even be contemplated.

A drunk driving accident attorney can assess the police reports and the evidence collected and ensure that the drunk driver or their insurance company pays financial compensation. While this cannot restore the life of a loved one, it can help the survivors recover and find closure from the accident and its events.

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