Good Samaritans Step in When Drunk Driver Flees Serious Crash in Los Angeles

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Six people were injured, three critically, when a drunk driver T-boned a sedan on Melrose Ave. in early January. Three bystanders stopped the at-fault driver from fleeing.

Los Angeles, CA- Other motorists and bystanders are often at the scene of drunken driving accidents to give aid to the injured until emergency responders arrive. These Good Samaritans often endanger themselves to help wounded victims while the impaired driver flees. Those are the circumstances of a recent crash in Los Angles that injured an Uber driver, his four passengers and the impaired driver who caused the accident.

Six Injured in Drunk Driving Accident on Melrose Ave, Good Samaritans Stop Driver from Fleeing

Three Good Samaritans stepped in to help the victims of a drunk driving crash and stopped the driver who caused it from fleeing the scene.

According to KTLA, on January 1, 2018, a man driving a Mercedes SUV ran a stop sign on Melrose Ave. and T-boned a Prius operating as an Uber. The SUV flipped and landed on the roof. The front end and windshield of the Prius were demolished, according to the TV station.

The Mercedes driver tried to flee the scene of the crash, but three Good Samaritans who witnessed the collision detained the man until police arrived.

ABC 7 reports that the Uber driver and alleged drunk driver suffered non-life-threatening injuries. Three of the Uber passengers suffered critical injuries.

Police told ABC 7 that the Mercedes driver was involved in a previous hit-and-run.

Why Do Drunk Drivers Flee?

Alcohol-impaired drivers cause many hit-and-run crashes in California. They flee because they know their actions are illegal and there are dire consequences for driving drunk. A person who is alcohol or drug impaired when they cause an accident can be charged with DUI and other criminal charges including vehicular manslaughter and aggravated assault. Drivers think if they leave a crash, they won’t get caught but they usually are and face additional charges.

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Hire a drunken driving accident lawyer in Los Angeles, California if you want to recover compensation for your injuries or the death of a loved one.

Drivers flee accidents for other reasons too, many of which are alcohol-related, some of them are:

Driving with a suspended or revoked license

Not carrying auto insurance

Driving a stolen or borrowed vehicle

Fortunately, for the victims of these hit-and-run crashes, Good Samaritans are there to intervene and stop fleeing drivers. Police also work very hard to identify drivers if they happen to get away. That’s a plus for the victims because they can make sure that driver is held accountable.

Hire a Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

The injuries associated with a drunken driving accident can be severe and are too often deadly. Victims of impaired drivers deserve to be compensated for their troubles. If you are in a DUI crash and live in Los Angeles, you need to speak with a drunken accident attorney to discuss your injuries and how to handle your case. With an injury lawyer on your side, you will be able to recover maximum compensation for your accident.

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