Georgia Bureau of Investigation is bringing a new type of breath analyzer into use by the next year. By December 2015, the Bureau hopes to have all law enforcement agencies in the state use the new kind of field BAC analyzer known as the Intoxilyzer 9000. This is much different than the current breath analyzers in use since it has an LCD screen, touch features, and you can even see the breath being blown into the device when it is used by a suspect. The device is supposed to make the whole process of taking a breath analysis test much more interactive for the police as well as the suspects.

The new device is ‘cool’

The Houston County Sherriff’s office has already got a head start with the new machine with Lieutenant Bradley Stone declaring the new device to be ‘cool’. The Intoxilyzer 9000 is also supposed to be much easier to use and is much more technology intensive. With the older versions, one had to manually log the results but the Intoxilyzer 9000 will do all the work on its own. So drunk driving accident lawyers will have no opportunity to cry foul over botched field sobriety tests anymore.

The new machine also keeps an internal record of the tests done so that field officers who are doing quarterlies can come back and look at them and this will indeed make things easier for a lot of the officers. Innovation continues in so many respects and fields.

A bright idea

Despite a dangerous world out there and a recession that does want to quit, certain people are still bringing outstanding products to the work place and to market. This device will save police time and streamline the system. But will it keep cops from writing DUI tickets that do not need to be written for and for giving tickets to people right in front of their home if they drove perfectly safe on the way to their home? Probably not.

Too many moving parts and accessories

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation says that the main reason why the new breath analyzer has been brought into use is that the older version had a lot of moving parts which are hard to replace. Drunk driving accident lawyers think that the device is just ‘too old’ and since there are a lot of moving parts, they tend to wear out and get damaged.

The new types of breath analyzers will make it easier for police officers out in the field.

Many drunk driving accident lawyers have also been able to get their client off the hook by stating flaws in the analyzer machine. The new breath analyzer too is not expected to be accurate, drunk driving accident lawyers say, but it will surely have a margin of error. We will have to wait and see how this margin of error helps drunk driving accident attorneys in their cases and whether it works in their favor when the results are produced in court.

Florida trooper dismissed for DUI charges

And while the Georgia police officials are going gung-ho about the new device they hope to introduce to their field officers, in the neighboring state of Florida a Highway Patrol Trooper who was caught on suspicion of DUI driving has been dismissed from work. The trooper was arrested on duty last week for charges of driving under the influence and felony drug possession.

Trooper Shaun Robert Morel, 36, is a Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Trooper in Florida. Originally emanating from from Spring Field, the trooper was arrested on July 9th, and fired from service on the following day. The FHP statement released announcing the trooper’s dismissal said that troopers are supposed to be the epitome of integrity and trust and are held to the highest standards in the service.

A costly mistake

The FHP also said that trooper Morel’s actions had showed he was not worthy of the trust that was placed in him by the service and he was therefore being dismissed as the agency would not tolerate such behavior among its own cadre. The trooper was arrested on July 9th at about 4:30 pm from a gas station at Linden and Spring Hill drives. The trooper was standing outside his vehicle when the police arrived but the video records from the gas station clearly showed that he had driven there.