Georgia Police Take on Drunken Driving this Super Bowl Weekend

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There is a 70 percent increase in deadly crashes one hour after the Super Bowl ends.

Roswell, GA-The Super Bowl is a highly anticipated event for millions of Americans. It’s such a popular annual event that some have suggested the Super Bowl be declared a national holiday. While the Super Bowl may not be a national holiday yet, there are some characteristics it shares with some of our other treasured holidays. One of those shared traits is a spike in drunken driving and fatal traffic accidents in the hours before and after the big game. It’s a sad reality Georgia’s law enforcement officers are aware of and prepared to combat this weekend.

Drunk Driving Crashes Nearly Double on Super Bowl Sunday

The Super Bowl is an excellent opportunity for Americans to gather with family and friends and have a drink or two. However, some people don’t stop at one or two beers, glasses of wine or shots, they have several and often make the unwise choice of driving home even though they are drunk. That is why, like other holidays, traffic deaths spike the day of the Super Bowl everywhere in the U.S., not just the cities where the teams are from or where the game is being played. You are just as likely to be hit by drunk driver at home in Roswell as you are in or Minneapolis, Minnesota where the Super Bowl LII (52) showdown is taking place.

Last year during Super Bowl weekend, ten people died, and 939 people were injured in Georgia traffic wrecks, WSAV reports. Overall, the Georgia Department of Transportation says there were 2,500 collisions over Super Bowl Weekend 2017. That is why you can expect to see more patrols throughout Roswell this weekend and you may even encounter a roadblock or two.

A University of Toronto study conducted in 2003 found that there is 41 percent increase in fatal traffic accidents on Super Bowl Sunday and seventy percent of those accidents the first hour after the game ends. Researchers compared fatal crash data from 27 game days to data from the Sundays before and after the Super Bowl to come up with their findings.

Why Are There More Accidents on Super Bowl Sunday?

There are numerous reasons accidents increase on any special occasion or holiday. There is a significant increase in traffic for one, but that isn’t the only reason. Researchers for the Toronto study cited above said some drivers are distracted because they are replaying the game in their minds or disappointed their team lost. Fatigue is also a factor since the game tends to run late.

Police know there is a dramatic increase in drunken driving and across the Peach State and they will be out in droves the night of the big game. If you are on the road before and after the big game, you should be vigilant and keep your eye out for drunken drivers.

A Drunken Driver Hit Me, What Should I Do?

After a major wreck, there is usually chaos and confusion if someone is badly hurt. Unless you’ve had the misfortune of being in a road accident before, you probably don’t know what you should do if you are in a crash. There are some steps all accident victims should take, but you must tailor some of those steps if the at-fault driver is impaired.

You should do the following after a drunk driving accident in Roswell:

If a drunk driver hits you and the accident is minor, the first thing you should do is call the police so that they can do an investigation and make a report of the incident. You may not be able to recover compensation from the drunk driver’s insurer if there is no accident report.

Get medical attention. Some drunk driving accidents are catastrophic, and the victims suffer life-threatening or severe injuries that require emergency medical care. In those cases, victims are immediately taken away from the scene to a nearby trauma center. Even if you don’t need emergency medical treatment, you should get checked out by a doctor as soon as possible because you could be injured and not realize it. There is a lot of adrenaline flowing after a car wreck, so your symptoms may not manifest right away. You could make your injuries worse if you don’t get medical care. If you think an emergency room is too costly, go to an urgent care center.

Get as much information about the car that hit you as possible. Some drunken drivers flee after an accident because they know they are in the wrong and could be arrested. They may stop briefly to survey the scene before taking off by foot or escaping in their auto. You need to remember as much about the driver and their vehicle as you can. Get the make, model and license plate number of their vehicle if possible.

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Call a drunk driving accident lawyer in Roswell, Georgia if you are hurt or a loved one is killed and want to talk about filing a claim.

Don’t confront the driver. You may be angry at a driver for hitting you, but don’t challenge or berate them. People are very unpredictable and often belligerent under the influence of drugs and alcohol. You should attempt to get their contact info and carefully observe their behavior. When police arrive, tell them that you think the driver is intoxicated and share what you witnessed. Police are trained to detect the signs of impairment, so they can pick up on whether a driver is intoxicated quickly. But observations of intoxication alone are not enough, so police will ask a driver to submit to a breath test.

Photograph or video the scene. If you are able, it is wise to capture video and photographs of the scene and the injured autos. An attorney can glean a lot of information from a picture or a video that may be invaluable to your claim.

Consult with a drunk driving accident lawyer in Roswell. Once you have received medical care, make arrangements to discuss your case with an attorney to determine. During your initial consultation, you will learn if you are eligible for compensation and what steps you need to follow to recover the maximum amount you deserve. can help you locate a knowledgeable and accredited injury lawyer to meet with and discuss your drunk driving crash.

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