GA Deputy Believes God was the Reason She Survived a Drunk Driving Accident

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Although drunk drivers continue to claim the lives of many innocent individuals, one Georgia deputy was lucky enough to have been able to survive the recent accident she was involved in that nearly killed her. Ashley Syria, who is employed as a Richmond County Deputy, was stopped at a red light early one Saturday morning when her patrol vehicle was struck by a driver who was under the influence.

Syria took to Facebook after being taken to the hospital, posting a comment acknowledging that she had been involved in a DUI accident and mentioned that her car was struck in the rear sending her vehicle nearly 190 feet until it came to a stop. The driver was said to have been traveling over 60 mph when he struck her patrol car. While most attribute their chances of surviving such a traumatic accident to luck, Syria is saying that God deserves the credit for this one. Some of the lines of her post read, “ If you have ever doubted God and his plan, I’m here to tell you not to! I walked away from this accident with bruises, a headache, and a sore body. There is no other explanation for this other than the fact that God had other plans for me.”

Aside from having faith, Syria believes a couple she had met 30 minutes prior to the accident may have contributed to her surviving. According to Fox 5. Syria was working special duty at a restaurant called T-Bonz and met a couple who were in awe of how nice she was and thanked her for her service. They told her that they would pray for her when they went back inside the restaurant and really wanted to make sure she knew that they would. But just 30 minutes after having that conversation, her car was hit. According to Syria, she believes that God placed that couple at T-Bonz that night for a reason and that their prayers protected her.

Aside from giving thanks to God and that couple, Syria expressed her hope for others to become more aware of how dangerous it is to drive drunk.


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