Former White Supremacist Leader Killed in Accident with Intoxicated Driver on I-275 in Kentucky

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A former leader of a white supremacist group in Northern Kentucky was killed in a drunk driving accident and the woman behind the wheel responsible for the crash is being charged with murder.


Emily Sherry 23, is currently being held on a $2 million bond after causing a DUI accident on April 21st. Sherry was heading eastbound on Interstate 275 near mile marker 76 in Wilder when she struck a vehicle belonging to white supremacist Robert Ransdell of Florence. Sherry apparently veered into Ransdell’s lane at a high rate of speed and struck his bumper causing his vehicle to go off the road and flip several times. Officers found Sherry’s vehicle off the highway in the woods along with Ransdell who was pronounced dead at the scene. According to, the Campbell County coroner ruled Ransdell died of blunt force trauma.

Officials later determined that Sherry’s blood alcohol content level was 0.422, which is more than five times the legal limit. In fact, she was reportedly “intoxicated to such an ‘extraordinary degree’ officers felt it would have been unsafe for her to perform standard sobriety tests.” Raw Story stated that having a BAC level over .4 can lead to a coma or death. Sherry admitted that she had been drinking bourbon while babysitting before she engaged in the fatal DUI accident. The 23-year-old now remains at the Campbell County Detention facility and will likely have a hearing soon to determine the penalties she is facing.


Who was Robert Ransdell?


Ransdell was the Cincinnati coordinator for a neo-Nazi group called the National Alliance and ran for U.S. Senate in Kentucky in 2014. His trademark slogan he used during his campaign was, “With Jews, we lose.” He made headlines on several occasions and angered many due to his involvement with the National Alliance. The organization in which he was part of was considered to be “one of the most dangerous and best-organized neo-Nazi organizations in America for decades.”

The National Alliance’s “ideology calls for the eradication of the Jews and other groups for the creation of an all-white homeland.” The organization’s website states, “We believe that no multi-racial society can be a truly healthy society, and no government which is not wholly responsible to a single racial entity can be a good government.” The Courier-Journal also highlighted that the founder of the organization inspired the Oklahoma City bomber, Timothy McVeigh.

drunk driving accident lawyers in Florence, KY
Although Sherry has been charged with murder, if she chooses to hire a knowledgeable DUI accident lawyer in KY to represent her throughout the duration of her case, she may stand a chance at getting her charges reduced.

The fact is, Ransdell was no stranger to society. Aside from his role in politics along with the National Alliance, he was also arrested a few years back while “preparing to protest Martin Luther King Day. The truth is, he was extremely forward when it came to his views and would often voice his opinion proudly.


Now, when it comes to Sherry and the murder charge she is facing, it is unclear if that charge will hold up, however, but if she elects to hire a reputable Florence, KY drunk driving accident attorney to represent her, she may get her charges reduced which would then eliminate some of the harsh penalties she is up against.

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