Folly Beach Tragedy: Suspected DUI Crash Defendant Denied Bail in South Carolina

A woman suspected of fatally crashing into a newlywed couple’s golf cart while allegedly driving under the influence must remain in custody, awaiting trial, as ordered by a South Carolina judge on Tuesday.

Horrific Tragedy Strikes Folly Beach

Jamie Komoroski, 25, has spent three months behind bars without trial since the horrific April 28 crash at Folly Beach. In the fatal late-night collision, 34-year-old Samantha Miller lost her life while her husband, Aric Hutchinson, suffered a brain injury and multiple broken bones. Hutchinson’s mother revealed the extent of her son’s injuries on a GoFundMe page in May.

BAC Levels Three Times Over the Limit

Toxicology reports released by the Folly Beach Department of Public Safety showed Komoroski’s blood alcohol content (BAC) was more than three times the legal limit after the crash. The authorities stated Komoroski was speeding at 65 mph in a 25 mph zone when her vehicle slammed into the couple’s golf cart, a vehicle considered street legal in the area, as per The Associated Press.

A Plea for Bail

Facing charges of reckless homicide and DUI, Komoroski sought bail from Circuit Court Judge Michael G. Nettles. Her defense attorney, Christopher Gramiccioni, argued her case, highlighting her lack of a criminal record. He stated that she had never faced disciplinary actions during her educational years, “She’s never even been disciplined at her college at Coastal Carolina or in high school,” he said.

Relief for the Victim’s Family

The victim’s family expressed their approval of the judge’s decision. Attorney Jerry Meehan said Miller’s family agreed that Komoroski “was a danger to the community.” The victim’s mother, Lisa Miller, delivered a poignant statement in court, questioning why the defendant should be allowed to walk free.

Uncertain Future for Komoroski

Judge Nettles made it clear that Komoroski would remain at the Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center in Charleston. If the trial hasn’t commenced by spring 2024, he may allow a $150,000 bond with house arrest.

Gramiccioni stated in a post-ruling announcement, “We appreciate the court’s decision to release Jamie on bond in March 2024 if the State is not ready for trial, but we nonetheless believe that she has met the legal criteria for release today.”

Navigating Legal Channels

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In Conclusion

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